The Portal Nexus

“The orbital colony has sent us a distress call... ... A Class K End of the World Orbital Impact is incoming. What we expect to find after the jump is not clear – well, you’ve all heard the message. We are being escorted by the Queen Legion, and we make the jump immediately after her.” ![[ElevenLabs_2023-08-27T20 07 47_Glados_ivc_sb100_se100_m2.mp3]]

The Darkmoon colony is our only live fallback point. About nine hundred Nethrael are within range for transport. Since we’re going in blind, no orders have been issued. Sensor sweeps will tell us more when we get there. ![[ElevenLabs_2023-08-27T20 10 15_Glados_ivc_sb100_se100_m2.mp3]]

“Emergency lighting. Emergency... All non-essential personnel are to go on ice immediately and sleep their way to Hamura. The Icons are with us, and the Traveler keeps watch from the Control Room. See you in the Vale. Sleep tight. ![[ElevenLabs_2023-08-27T20 05 03_Glados_ivc_sb100_se100_m2.mp3]]

Emergency lighting. Emergency. Emergency. Arcane shields have slowed the object within a time stop field. Reactor is supercritical. Arcana reserves draining rapidly. T Minus Eighteen Hours and thirty seven minutes until Arcana Reserves are depleted. Please make your way to your assigned stasis areas and prepare for the jump. ![[ElevenLabs_2023-08-27T20 13 29_Glados_ivc_sb100_se100_m2.mp3]]

Alert! Scout sensor sweeps indicate multiple areas of impact damage. Arcane Armor integrity at 67%. Caution advised upon approach. The Queen Legion is moving into a defensive perimeter. ![[ElevenLabs_2023-08-27T20 20 00_Glados_ivc_sb100_se100_m2.mp3]]

Update. The asteroid's core composition is unknown and is emitting a strong arcane energy. Caution is advised when trying to harness or deflect its energy. Ancillary scans detect other smaller debris in its trajectory. ![[ElevenLabs_2023-08-27T20 21 26_Glados_ivc_sb100_se100_m2.mp3]]

Urgent Update. Security breach reported in storage bay 4. Possible looting. All security personnel, respond immediately. ![[ElevenLabs_2023-08-27T20 28 43_Glados_ivc_sb100_se100_m2.mp3]]

Warning! Panic detected in recreational sector. Reports of individuals blocking escape routes. All security teams, prioritize crowd control. Deploy the clerics with equipment for the funeral rites. ![[ElevenLabs_2023-08-27T20 29 43_Glados_ivc_sb100_se100_m2.mp3]]

Emergency! Arcane Shield breach detected above sectors 8, 12, and 15. All personnel in these areas are advised to self initiate the funeral rites. Repair daemons dispatched. ![[ElevenLabs_2023-08-27T20 30 37_Glados_ivc_sb100_se100_m2.mp3]]

Urgent! The Queen Legion reports heavy damage and is retreating to defensive point Zeta. All ships are advised to maintain distance from the primary asteroid path. ![[ElevenLabs_2023-08-27T20 31 29_Glados_ivc_sb100_se100_m2.mp3]]

Distress Signal. Medical bay is overwhelmed. Urgent request for any personnel with medical training to assist with injured. Critical supplies running low. ![[ElevenLabs_2023-08-27T20 32 12_Glados_ivc_sb100_se100_m2.mp3]]

Emergency! Fire detected in agricultural sector. Fire suppression systems non-operational. Anal Bee containment has been breached. Evacuate the area immediately. ![[ElevenLabs_2023-08-27T20 33 42_Glados_ivc_sb100_se100_m2.mp3]]

Critical Alert! Arcane shields at 45% integrity. Asteroid momentum increasing despite the time stop field. Recommend immediate evacuation plans. ![[ElevenLabs_2023-08-27T20 34 27_Glados_ivc_sb100_se100_m2.mp3]]

Alert! Colony's external communication tower damaged. Unable to send distress signals to outlying settlements. Working on a fix. ![[ElevenLabs_2023-08-27T20 35 07_Glados_ivc_sb100_se100_m2.mp3]]

Update. Stasis chambers in areas 3, 5, and 9 are compromised. All personnel assigned to these chambers, reroute to the nearest operational chamber immediately. ![[ElevenLabs_2023-08-27T20 36 50_Glados_ivc_sb100_se100_m2.mp3]]

Update. Water purification system offline. Ration water supplies. Collection points established in sectors 3, 6, and 11. ![[ElevenLabs_2023-08-27T20 38 38_Glados_ivc_sb100_se100_m2.mp3]]

Alert! colony's central power grid is offline. Relying on auxiliary power. Estimated operational time: Six hours. ![[ElevenLabs_2023-08-27T20 40 18_Glados_ivc_sb100_se100_m2.mp3]]

Urgent Alert! Leyline Waygate System is offline. Negative Energy Corruption detected in the Way Paths. Machin-Shin Has breached containment. Sealing WayGates. Estimated loss of 900 souls. ![[ElevenLabs_2023-08-27T20 42 53_Glados_ivc_sb100_se100_m2.mp3]]

Urgent Alert! Leyline Waygate System has been overridden by royal decree. Negative Energy Corruption Detected surrounding local Waygates. Unauthorized access detected in the armory. Potential for armed confrontations. Exercise extreme caution. ![[ElevenLabs_2023-08-27T20 44 59_Glados_ivc_sb100_se100_m2.mp3]]

Urgent Update. Multiple structural breaches detected. Areas 7, 10, and 12 are no longer safe. Evacuate immediately. ![[ElevenLabs_2023-08-27T20 45 46_Glados_ivc_sb100_se100_m2.mp3]]

Emergency! Arcana reserves at 10%. Reactor stability at critical levels. All personnel, brace for possible arcane feedback and power surges. ![[ElevenLabs_2023-08-27T20 46 50_Glados_ivc_sb100_se100_m2.mp3]]

Emergency! Power surge detected in central control room. Manual override required to maintain system stability. ![[ElevenLabs_2023-08-27T20 47 39_Glados_ivc_sb100_se100_m2.mp3]]

Update. The Queen Legion has departed successfully. Limited telemetry indicates Darkmoon Colony is intact after the jump. ![[ElevenLabs_2023-08-27T20 53 50_Glados_ivc_sb100_se100_m2.mp3]]

Final Warning. Colony core stability at 5%. Imminent total system failure. Begin final evacuation protocols. May the Icons guide you to safety. ![[ElevenLabs_2023-08-27T20 48 26_Glados_ivc_sb100_se100_m2.mp3]]

Final Message. If stasis jump is unsuccessful, all remaining personnel are advised to follow emergency protocols and evacuate using the life pods. Remember the teachings of the Icons. Safe travels to all.![[ElevenLabs_2023-08-27T20 50 51_Glados_ivc_sb100_se100_m2.mp3]]