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Starlight Cudgel

The Starlight Cudgel

The Starlight Cudgel is an intricately crafted, enchanted mace with the power to control the forces of celestial light. It was discovered by Elsira Ravenshadow in the Lost Sanctuary of Eloria during her exploration within Darkmoon Vale. This magical artifact, gifted by the Goddess of Luck, The Lady, may create and command radiant energies to heal, protect, and destroy darkness while also restoring balance to a wielder's luck. The mace is sought by the half-giant Dbz and the brave dwarf Kaelen Strongbrew, who believe it can turn the tide in their battles against the forces of darkness.

TAGS:Starlight Cudgel | Elsira Ravenshadow | Lost Sanctuary of Eloria | Darkmoon Vale | Goddess of Luck | The Lady | radiant energies | half-giant D'bz | dwarf Kaelen Strongbrew | forces of darkness