Necromancer that lives in West

The Necromancer in the Tower in the West is a position of great power and responsibility, a role passed down through the ages. The Necromancer is chosen by a supernatural entity and is bound to the Tower until they find a worthy successor. They are tasked with protecting the Tower and its secrets, as well as maintaining the balance of magic in the world.

The Necromancer is a formidable magic user, specializing in the manipulation of life and death. They are known to be able to commune with spirits, raise the dead, and even manipulate the flow of time. However, the Necromancer is also bound by a code of conduct, forbidden from using their powers for personal gain or to cause unnecessary harm.

The current Necromancer in the Tower is Jimoryn Faelan, a figure shrouded in mystery. Despite his power, he is also known for his wisdom and his willingness to aid those who seek his help, provided they respect the rules of the Tower.

As the Necromancer, Jimoryn has access to a wide range of powerful spells and abilities. He is a master of necromancy, capable of raising the dead, communing with spirits, and manipulating life energy. He is also known to have some control over time, able to slow it down or speed it up within the confines of the Tower.


The Necromancer in the Tower in the West is traditionally Neutral. They are also, of course, Evil, but the exact interpretation of this requirement is left up to the individual. They are bound by the rules of the Tower and the duty to maintain the balance of magic, and they do not typically interfere in the affairs of the world unless it threatens the balance they are sworn to protect.

Walthar Leafblade lived from 1999 BD to 489 BD Bowstorm Skysinger lived from 49 BD to 979 AD Frostwarden Rimewalker lived from 269 AD to 1501 AD Wilhelm Verseheart lived from 459 AD to 2101 AD Keatus Nightquill lived from 651 AD to 2311 AD Langar Stonewhisper lived from 861 AD to 2457 AD Jimoryn Faelan, is currently 111 years old (born in 2380) and is still alive.

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