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The Old Ones

The Old Ones

The Old Ones, also known as the Cosmic Entities, are a group of powerful and enigmatic beings central to the mythology and ancient history of the world of Molderia. Known for their unparalleled knowledge and power that transcends the mortal realm, these beings have deeply influenced the course of Molderia's history, most notably the rise and fall of the Azlanti civilization.

The Old Ones are often described as inscrutable, existing beyond the conventional dimensions of time and space. They embody a variety of forms, many of which defy the confines of human comprehension, reflecting their transcendental nature. Despite their myriad appearances, they are united by their possession of vast cosmic knowledge and the ability to manipulate reality on a scale far beyond mortal capacity.

The Old Ones first intervened in Molderia's timeline by aiding the primitive Azlanti humans, whom they found intriguing. Through subtle manipulations and sharing cryptic secrets, they guided the Azlanti, enabling their transformation from primitive tribes into a thriving civilization, thereby initiating the era of the Azlanti Empire.

Despite their pivotal role in the rise of the Azlanti, the Old Ones played an equally critical part in their downfall. When the Azlanti began to misuse their powers and knowledge, the Old Ones responded by triggering the Deucenium Impact, a cataclysmic event that drastically altered Molderia and its inhabitants.