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Chapter 1: The Demise and the New Adventurers

The sun began to set over the desolate landscape as the last remnants of the previous party lay scattered on the ground.

Sori, Turkus, and Kable sit in an inn, as a figure emerged from the shadows.

"Hello there," the figure said, "My name is D'Jimm, and I am a necromancer. I have been watching your party, and I believe I can help you help me."

The adventurers looked at each other, unsure of what to make of this stranger. But with no other options, they listened as Jim explained his plan. He told them about the rip in space-time, and the threat of Hastur that loomed over the world. D'Jimm needed a new group of adventurers to stop the cultists and seal the rip for good.

Across town, two weeks earlier a man stumbled into the Pathfinder Society. He was battered and bruised, but alive. His name was Stuinvolk, the sole survivor of the previous party. He recounted the horrors they had faced and pleaded for their help in removing a curse that had been placed upon him. The society called his benefactor, D'jimm, who decides to build a new party.

With their decision made, the new adventurers gather Stuinvolk set off on their journey to the Mungwai Expanse, a dangerous and uncharted territory. They traveled through treacherous waters, battling against strong currents and avoiding deadly sea creatures. After days of navigating, they finally reached the border of the Mogolo Expanse.

As they ventured deeper into the Mogolo Expanse, the adventurers encountered various tribes who lived in the area. Some were friendly and offered assistance, while others were hostile and tried to drive them away. The party made a decision to avoid the dense jungle and instead follow a compass that Stuinvolk possessed, believing it would lead them to the temple.

The compass guided them through the vast plains, leading them away from the territory of the Mzali, a tribe known for their hostility towards outsiders. Despite the challenges they faced, the adventurers pressed on, determined to fulfill their mission.

After days of searching, the adventurers finally found themselves face to face with the Prince of Ants. The creature had adapted to their tactics, making it a formidable opponent. Sori, Stuinvolk, and Kable fought with all their might, using their unique abilities to weaken the creature. But it was Turkus who delivered the killing blow, Stuinvolk's curse finally lifted as it fell to the ground.