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Chapter 12: Miles of Red Tape

Minutes turned into Hours as the adventurers diligently filled out form after form, their patience wearing thin. They waited in long lines, endured clerks, and had to provide references. It seemed as though the bureaucracy of Djinn City was designed to test their resolve.

Finally, after what felt like an eternity, the players were granted an audience with D'jinn, the leader of the genies. They entered the dull office, their eyes wide with anticipation. D'jinn, a towering figure with a regal presence, regarded them with a mixture of curiosity and wisdom.

The adventurers bartered with D'jinn for information about Hastur, the looming threat that had brought them to Djinn City. D'jinn revealed that the Vampire Queen might hold the key to unraveling the connection between Hastur and the enigmatic Prophecies of the Narrative. Intrigued by this lead, the players thanked D'jinn for his guidance and prepared to embark on their next journey.

With a wave of D'jinn's hand, and a ride on his elevator, the players were transported to the outskirts of the village of Sylvania, a renowned haven for vampires seeking peace. The dimly-lit streets and eerie silence of the village sent shivers down their spines, but they pressed on, determined to find the Vampire Queen and uncover the secrets she held.

As they explored Sylvania, the adventurers discovered that the village was indeed a haven for vampires. The locals, though initially wary of outsiders, hinted at the possibility of assistance or guidance from the Vampire Queen.