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Darkmoon Vale

Darkmoon Vale

In the heart of Northeast Molderia lies the enigmatic and majestic Darkmoon Vale, a vast and dense forest teeming with ancient magic and whispered secrets. Its lush canopy and mystical ambiance resemble the legendary Phandor Forest, while its winding, shaded paths echo a magical allure. The air is thick with an undercurrent of energy. This sprawling woodland is home to a diverse array of inhabitants, each with their unique stories and customs.

Living within the Vale's borders, three distinct groups share this enchanting realm: * The proud citizens of Altumbel, the hardy humans * The Guardians a wandering tribe of orcs * The reclusive half-elf villagers who embrace the serenity of the Vale All living in harmony with its ancient power and seeking solace from the outside world.

Centuries ago, the Nethrael, a now vanished race of mithral elves known for their exceptional skill in spellcraft, controlled Darkmoon Vale. The remnants of these ancient spellcasters can still be found throughout the forest, in the form of menhir circles left as testaments to their formidable magic. These standing stone monuments, etched with a long-forgotten elvish dialect, are scattered across the Vale, creating a hidden web of magical portals imbued with danger, mystery, and untold wonder.The denizens of Darkmoon Vale live in a delicate balance with the intrinsic forces that course through the land like veins within the earth.

The portal network, veiled by an air of secrecy and complexity, draws many a daring adventurer lured by treasures and knowledge lost to the ages. While some portals lead to stunning vistas or hidden troves, others open to terrifying beasts or deadly traps, created by the Nethrael to safeguard their territory.However, the energy pulsating within these portals is also the lifeblood of the Vale, driving its ecology and infusing it with flora and fauna unlike any found in adjacent lands. Strange plants emit ethereal light, and peculiar creatures flit through the shadows of the depths.

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