Region: Northern Plains

Size: Small City

Population: Approximately 5,000

Government: High Council

Alignment: Neutral Good

Goldengrove, aptly named for its shimmering centerpiece, is a small city known for its reverence of a large golden statue of a mysterious druid. The statue's most distinctive feature is the verdant marijuana plant growing from its lower body, serving as his pubic hair. The city residents hold the statue in the highest esteem, but they remain staunchly secretive about the druid's identity and his historical significance.

The city's architecture reflects their love for natural elements, with buildings carved from stone, adorned with flora, and designed to allow as much sunlight as possible to hit the statue and keep it gleaming.

Key Locations:

  1. The Gleaming Druid: The city's central plaza houses the golden statue. It's constantly attended by city residents who offer up prayers, maintain its polish, and cultivate the marijuana plant.

  2. Green's Market: A lively marketplace selling various hemp-based products from paper to clothing. It also offers a variety of medicinal herbs and remedies.

  3. Council's Hall: This grand building of stone and wood is where the city's High Council holds meetings and makes decisions for Goldengrove.

The people of Goldengrove live in quiet harmony, honoring their history and the enigmatic druid without fully revealing their past. They celebrate the "Gleaming Festival," an annual event where the city's inhabitants polish the statue and tend to the marijuana plant. It's a day of quiet celebration, reflection, and communal connection.