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Council of Seven

The Balance of the Septima Concord

The Balance of the Septima Concord refers to the complex, delicate balance of power held by the Council of Seven. This Council is comprised of the seven most influential figures in Molderia, each with their own realms of influence and unique strengths, be it magical prowess, wealth, or cunning strategy.

The Council of Seven operates under an understanding that direct confrontation would result in unthinkable chaos and destruction, echoing the paralyzing implications of mutually assured destruction in a real-world context. They all hold enough power to wreak havoc on Molderia, yet understand that such a war would inevitably end in a Pyrrhic victory at best. As such, they engage in a silent dance of power plays and influence, each maneuvering to advance their own interests without openly instigating war.

Djimm, the extraplanar necromancer who resides in the Tower in the West, maintains an eerie tranquility with his otherworldly, fey-raised perspective. Draped in his purple velvet bathrobe, he represents the realm of evil, conducting his actions in a manner that's both calculated and eerily detached.

Djinn, the Earth Plane's genie lord, relies on a meticulous system of bureaucracy, his love for 80s office fashion belying his grandeur. He avoids direct confrontation, instead expertly navigating through the labyrinthine systems of power and control.

Datta, the hatter of worlds, draws from his 1500 years of multiversal experiences, his disconnect from his home realm adding to his aura of mystery. This outsider, who once inspired 'Alice in Wonderland', uses his unique knowledge and perspectives to subtly shape the world.

Dbz, the half-orc, half-giant raised by Northern Elves, possesses a heart devoid of malice, his pure innocence contrasted by his intimidating physical strength. His power lies in his moral fortitude and unwavering conviction, making him a beacon of righteousness among the council.

DAliz, the Queen of the Underworld, commands an army of undead creatures and is an expert in firearms. Her reign inspires fear and respect in equal measure, ensuring her place on the council without necessitating open hostilities.

DSajj, the displaced samurai brought to this plane by a defeated Wizard, continues to refine his martial prowess. His singular goal to return home adds a layer of unpredictability to his actions, yet he understands the importance of maintaining balance within the council.

Dfreid, the animate Golem who presides over an intercontinental shipping network, holds immense wealth and influence, rivalling the power of any three individuals in Molderia. His quiet control over the world's trade and resources grants him a crucial place in maintaining Peace.

Together, the Council of Seven forms an intricate web of alliances and rivalries, each member understanding that The Balance of the Septima Concord is paramount to the survival of Molderia. Their shared understanding and mutual non-aggression create a fascinating political dynamic.

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