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Shadows of the Old Ones

(1589 years ago = 39 AD)

Long ago, in the wake of the extinction of the Azlanti and Nethrael, Molderia was a land shrouded in mystery and uncertainty. The cosmic retribution of the Deucenium Impact had transformed the continent, suppressing natural magic and replacing it with its own unique energies. The races of Molderia struggled to adapt to this new reality, searching for answers and a way to harness again the old power that once flowed freely through their veins.

In the heart of the Jungle of Mogolo, a group of intrepid explorers embarked on a perilous journey. Led by the renowned scholar, Professor Arden, they sought to uncover the secrets hidden within the depths of the land. Their quest led them to the ruins of an ancient temple, long forgotten and buried beneath layers of time.

As they ventured deeper into the temple's labyrinthine corridors, the air grew heavy with anticipation. The flickering torchlight cast eerie shadows on the walls, revealing intricate carvings and symbols that spoke of a forgotten era. It was in the heart of the temple that they discovered a hidden chamber, its entrance guarded by a massive stone door.

With great effort, the explorers managed to pry open the door, revealing a sight that took their breath away. The chamber was bathed in a soft green glow, emanating from dozens of golf ball-sized gemstones scattered across the floor. The gems were unlike anything they had ever seen before, their vibrant green hues mesmerizing and otherworldly.

Professor Arden's eyes widened with excitement as he realized the significance of their discovery. "These are Deucienium gems," he exclaimed, his voice filled with awe. "Legends speak of their existence, but to see them with my own eyes... It is truly remarkable."

The explorers cautiously approached the gems, their hands trembling with anticipation. They knew that these gems held immense power, the remnants of the cosmic energy that had reshaped their world. Each gem had the ability to grant a small portion of the power of the Old Ones to its user, but at a great cost—the gem would be destroyed in the process.

One by one, the explorers reached out and grasped a gem, their bodies tingling with newfound energy. They felt a surge of power coursing through their veins, a connection to the ancient forces that once ruled Molderia. The gems pulsed with a vibrant green light, as if acknowledging their chosen wielders.

But as the power surged through them, the gems began to crack and crumble, disintegrating into dust. The explorers watched in awe and sadness as the gems sacrificed themselves, their power transferred to their chosen wielders.

With the power of the Old Ones now coursing through their veins, the explorers felt a renewed sense of purpose and determination. They knew that they had been chosen to carry on the legacy of the Azlanti and Nethrael, to protect Molderia from the encroaching darkness.

Professor Arden, his eyes shining with newfound knowledge, turned to his companions. "We must use this power wisely," he said, his voice filled with conviction. "We are the guardians of Molderia, entrusted with the responsibility to ensure its survival. Let us honor the legacy of the Azlanti and Nethrael, and let their sacrifice not be in vain."

And so, the explorers emerged from the hidden chamber, their bodies infused with the power of the Old Ones. They became the first of a new generation of adventurers, wielding the remnants of Deucienium's legacy. With their newfound abilities, they would shape the destiny of Molderia, protecting it from the encroaching darkness and ensuring that the sacrifices of the past were not forgotten.

Little did they know, their discovery had not gone unnoticed by the ancient cosmic entities that lurked beyond the veil of reality. In the depths of R'lyeh, Cthulhu stirred, his slumber disturbed by the awakening of Deucienium's power. He sensed the surge of energy, and he knew that once again, another generation had succombed to the temptations of his power.

Meanwhile, in the Tower of Office, Zerim, the loyal servant of Nyarlathotep, received word of the explorers' discovery. His eyes gleamed with a mixture of curiosity and concern. He knew that the power of the Sleeper was not to be taken lightly, and he wondered how it would affect the delicate balance of power in Molderia.

Unbeknownst to the explorers, their actions had set in motion a chain of events that would bring them face to face with the ancient cosmic entities that had shaped the world. The power they now wielded would draw the attention of Cthulhu, Nyarlathotep, and other malevolent forces lurking in the shadows, as their actions had also attracted the attention of Hastur, the King in Yellow. From his distant planet of Carcosa, he observed the re-awakening of Molderia's power with great interest. Though it would take over 1000 years for him to navigate his planet close enough to investigate, he saw this as an opportunity to sow chaos and despair in the hearts of the people.

Hastur, the embodiment of madness and entropy, recognized the potential of the Deucienium gems. He knew that the power they granted to their wielders could be twisted and corrupted, turning them into agents of chaos. With his planet drawing nearer to Molderia, he began to lay the groundwork for his eventual invasion.

As the explorers ventured forth, unaware of the looming threat, the forces of Cthulhu, Nyarlathotep, and Hastur converged upon Molderia. The delicate balance of power was about to be tested, and the fate of the land would be decided by the choices made by those who held the literal power of the Old Ones in their hands.