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Goblin Trade Federation

Goblin Trade Federation

In a business world that is constantly evolving, the Goblin Trade Federation (GTF) continues to be a beacon of longevity and resourcefulness. Tracing its roots back two centuries, the Federation initially made its mark on the economic landscape of the Orneasian capital of Soh'ist, where they astutely identified a market for local, inexpensive knick-knacks, which later were, quite miraculously, deemed as priceless artifacts. These were then sold to an enthusiastic and discerning aristocracy at prices reflective of their newly found value.

Despite the tumultuous political and societal shifts over the years, the GTF has admirably maintained its stability. During the dying embers of the last age, the Federation ingeniously leveraged its government connections to forge mutually beneficial trade agreements with colonies and dependencies. Even as these territories transitioned towards independence, their yearning for the opulence of their former motherland never waned, and the GTF aptly obliged, albeit at prices that reflected the exquisite nature of these products.

The Federation's grandeur, or audacity, depending on how you see it, lies in its massive operations. Its portfolio boasts an array of liquid assets, properties, and other holdings, with a staggering value in the hundreds of millions of gold pieces. Their unwavering 'determination' to reach their goals is certainly... unique. Indeed, there are critics, but let's just agree, their results are hard to ignore.

They are loyal to no government, having members from many countries and nationalities. This also allows them to take neutral positions in any disagreements and appeal to all sides. These tactics have allowed the Goblin Trade Federation to grow to be the largest and most diverse business venture in both Avistan and Garund.

To the public eye, the GTF, with its striking green and black sailed airships, is a motley crew of tradesmen, bolstered by a private army of mercenaries, hirelings, and laborers. Their allegiance? Only to the highest bidder, of course. Their recent diversification into procuring rare and valuable items has enamored them to the influential nobility, who seem to have a voracious appetite for such commodities.

The Federation's direction is steered by a cryptic group of individuals, the Meisters, led by the Goblin Trade Prince. The enigmatic aura around their identities has led to some rather creative conjectures about the organization's leadership.But the reality is rather more prosaic: they're merely the major shareholders and descendants of the founding families who convene in secret every new moon, playing an elaborate game of hide-and-seek with their identities.

The Federation's structure is designed with an uncanny survival instinct, allowing it to persist even when certain individuals or operations falter. Its ranks are filled with freelance hires, rewarded handsomely for their services, and tiered agents, classified into bronze, silver, and gold tiers based on their power and scope of operation.

Ever the innovators, the Federation has introduced game-changing technologies such as a custom teleport spell for same-day delivery and magical tattoos for seamless financial transactions. It's truly impressive how far a humble trading venture can go when there's a relentless drive for success, though one may ponder the price of such accomplishments.