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Chapter 5: In the Clouds

The players, undeterred by their encounter with the spectral pirates, pressed on towards their ultimate destination: the Floating Citadel. As their airship approached the massive structure, they were captivated by its ethereal beauty. The citadel seemed to float effortlessly in the sky, surrounded by a breathtaking view of clouds and distant mountains.

With a sense of awe, the party boarded the Floating Citadel, stepping into a long chamber that stretched out before them. The walls were adorned with intricate carvings and glowing runes, hinting at the ancient power that resided within.

Finally, after navigating through a series of winding corridors and ascending a grand staircase, the adventurers arrived in the griffon chamber. The room was vast, with high ceilings and a sense of ancient power lingering in the air. In the center of the chamber stood a majestic griffon, its feathers shimmering in the soft light. Sonya, the young druid, left to embark on a new journey with the griffon.

As a token of gratitude, she presented Fen with a magical mask, imbued with the essence of the Floating Citadel. The locket would serve as a reminder of their time together.

The party continued their journey towards the mountain city of Bork. They boarded their airship once again, ready to face the challenges that awaited them in this new chapter of their adventure.