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Chapter 4: To The Skies

The players, having returned to Targallene, bid farewell to Stuinvolk. Their eyes then turned toward the Northlands, eager to explore its mysteries. With their route decided, they boarded an airship to travel through the vast skies towards their next destination.

On the ground at port, they were introduced to Sonya, an 11-year-old feral druid girl. Sonya's presence added an air of mystery and uncertainty to the group. While the players were initially wary of her, they understood the importance of her mission and agreed to escort her safely to the Floating Citadel in return for discounted Airship Tickets.

The journey started smoothly, with clear skies and a sense of camaraderie among the crew. However, their tranquility was soon shattered by an unexpected ghostly storm that engulfed the airship. Spectral pirates, led by Pirate Wilp, materialized out of thin air and launched a surprise attack on the vessel.

The players fought valiantly against the apparitions, their weapons and spells cutting through the ethereal forms. It was a fierce battle, with the players struggling to maintain their footing on the swaying airship. But through their determination and teamwork, they managed to defeat the spectral pirates.

Pirate Wilp, the leader of the ghostly crew, was hurled off the ship during the chaos of the battle. As he disappeared into the swirling mist, it remained unclear whether he would return to haunt them once again.

With the ghostly threat vanquished, the players refocused their attention on their mission to escort Sonya safely to the Floating Citadel. They knew that their journey was far from over, and they needed to remain vigilant.

As the airship continued its journey, the players arrived at Farway Station, a bustling hub of activity in the Northlands. Here, they met Seb the Tallow, the captain of an airship called Tallow's Pride. Seb offered them passage on his ship, and the players made the difficult decision to leave their own ship and crew behind, wary of the potential dangers that lay ahead.

With the players now aboard Tallow's Pride, the journey towards the Floating Citadel continued under clear skies. The tension and dynamics created by Sonya's presence in the party were palpable, as they struggled to earn her trust and understand her untamed nature.