Classification: Extinct Average Height: 5 - 6 feet Average Weight: 150-200 Life Expectancy: Indefinite, but typically 1500 - 1700 years Language: Nethraelic, Druidic Alignment: Typically Neutral/Good Ability Score Increase: Wisdom +3, Constitution +1 Speed: 30 feet Size: Medium Darkvision: 60 feet Traits: Nature's Bond, Life Essence Manipulation, Nature's Wisdom Preferred Classes: Druid, Shaman, Ranger

The Nethrael were an ancient race that once inhabited the lands of Molderia. These beings were deeply connected to the natural world, drawing their power from the life force that permeated the earth, plants, animals, and even their own kind. While the Nethrael are now considered extinct, their legacy lives on through the remnants of their culture and the profound impact they had on the world.

Nethrael society was deeply rooted in druidic and shamanic practices. They lived in harmony with nature, often choosing to reside in simple homes nestled within the woods, despite their immense power. Their connection to the natural world allowed them to communicate with animals, manipulate the elements, and heal the wounded. They were known to possess an innate understanding of the delicate balance of ecosystems and the intricate web of life.

One of the most significant and enduring legacies of the Nethrael are the menhir circles they constructed throughout Molderia. These mystical monuments, often made from immense stones and engraved with enigmatic runes, stand as testaments to their magical prowess and serve as focal points of potent arcane energy.

In their time, the Nethrael were revered for their mastery over magic, a talent that encompassed not only spellcraft but also the ability to manipulate the ley lines that crisscross the world. This deep connection they had with the ley lines allowed the Nethrael to create the Leyline Nexus, an immense cavern system located beneath the ancient ruins of Sudi. Within this cavernous labyrinth, the ley lines converged, creating a powerful vortex of magical energy that holds the key to unlocking great power and arcane wisdom—though only for those who can decipher and survive the traps and guardians left behind by the Nethrael.

One of the most distinctive aspects of the Nethrael was their ability to manipulate life essence. They could draw upon the life force of the earth, plants, animals, and even each other to fuel their magic. This unique form of magic allowed them to heal wounds, commune with spirits, and shape the natural world to their will. However, this power came with great responsibility, as the Nethrael understood the importance of maintaining the delicate equilibrium of life.

The Nethrael exhibited negligible senescence, a term used to describe species that do not biologically age. While they did not experience the physical effects of aging, they did show signs of decreased functionality with age, such as slowed reproduction and decreased fitness. Eventually, most Nethrael chose to let their bodies return to the earth when they felt they had fulfilled their purpose or completed their mission in the world.

Despite their immense power and wisdom, the Nethrael were a humble and introspective race. They valued simplicity, harmony, and the preservation of the natural world above all else. Their teachings and practices continue to inspire druids, shamans, and nature enthusiasts to this day, as they strive to honor the legacy of the Nethrael and protect the delicate balance of the world.