1. Finding Nethrael Stones: Throughout their adventures, players can discover Nethrael Stones in various locations, hidden within ancient ruins, guarded by powerful creatures, or bestowed upon them as rewards for completing significant quests. These stones are rare and precious, and each one holds a specific type of power or ability, as well as a stored amount of Nethrael magic.

  2. Attuning to Nethrael Stones: When a player finds a Nethrael Stone, the player can attune to it and gain access to the stone's inherent abilities, or can use it to level up.

  3. Empowering Nethrael Artifacts: Nethrael Stones can be used to empower Nethrael artifacts, which are powerful magical items or equipment associated with the Nethrael. These artifacts may have unique abilities or enhancements that can greatly benefit the player. By spending unused stones, or paying levels, the player can infuse the Nethrael's power into the artifact, unlocking additional abilities or increasing its effectiveness.

  4. Scaling Nethrael Artifacts: As the players progress in levels, they can continue to power up Nethrael artifacts by spending additional levels.