The Prophesies of the Narrative

A fellowship, bound by faith and courage, Marked by the tribes, both wise and savage, Yet they shalt not enter the maw, For a needle shall guide, cutting the veil.

--Walthar Leafblade

When the light begins to fade, Upon the land, there towers monuments of earth, a Queen's loathsome brilliance, a crown rests, Humbled by the weight of a deathless death, In fragmented thoughts to fuel ambition.

Yet all shall not be as it seems. The bane's own will, not alone. The united forces shall stand, together reveal what darkness hides.

--Keatus Nightquill

In the depths of the crimson caverns, crawling shadows, A legion of soulless hunger feeds. When the sunless keepers fall, so too their monarch meets her fate.

Amidst the walls of forsaken stone treads a guardian, But a twisted oath, a two-faced bargain, lies in the balance.

--Langar Stonewhisper

Intrepid hearts faced the shadows of despair, that dimly glow in lands forgotten, Until days hence, when judgment will stand against them, deeds of valor, swing the balance between darkness and light, the destinies of realms unwritten.

In the hidden depths, serpents guard, watchful and cunning,

secrets of ancient creator, in chambers long unvisited, a compact, steadfast, shall gain wisdom and promises broken.

--Walthar Leafblade

In the wake of the battle, The winged beast, through the sky-blue, Guides heroes Seeking the realm where the ice lies.

Within the heart where Northlands fathom, heartwood of kin dreadfully torn, Lies dormant a secret in casket, Bound tightly by threads tautly worn.

When stone turns to light, their resolve steady, In presence of flight, for the fallen, they must bring back to the light.

A moment scarce and fleeting, A farewell, A thing lost anew, By heroes who heed the silence.

--Wilhem Verseheart

From skies above shall drift a child whose soul is bound by nature. With neither trust nor peace, And wary where the shadows fall.

With curiosity she'll face the keepers of her end. In the citadel of dreams, the child's soul; hope rings true.

--Langar Stonewhisper

Through the mists of shifting shadows, where silence holds its many secrets, A vessel shall sail on stormy breath, to tempt the spectral tide.

Once the storm has been defeated, the last cast into void, beware, for victory carries with it taste of envy, And the echoes of the fallen shall whisper a promise of retribution to come.

--Frostwarden Rimewalker

In the heart where day and night entwine, A bazaar of life, a river flowing through time, There shall they tread to follow the labyrinth, the maze plied with truths and lies anew.

Between emerald bathed in gold and argent gilded in crimson, The scent of fate, a siren call, whispers secrets, And in the unfolding, the spinning of the world transpires.

--Keatus Nightquill

In whispered woods the kitsune strays, A trickster bound by friendship's ways, In the evening of foregone tomorrow, the cunning one shall trade with shadow, Precious fur, and foul relics shall they barter.

And the bond transpires, as destiny weaves its web. All the while unwitting of the hand, that measures and meddles in the rise and fall of dreams.

When the night's curtain parts, and the fateful hour draws nigh, shall full revelation come, them who suffer the dire, but pierce the veil, shall reap the harvest sown in darkness' wake.

--Langar Stonewhisper

Distant winds sing songs that whisper truths of what must come to be, There, the false sanctuary reveals the face hidden beneath its glove.

Four souls will rise, Quenching the desires of tomorrow with the blood of a past yet lived. To awaken a fallen voice, whispers, Become the once broken, now forgiven.

Watch, ye as the storm doth rage upon winds, Yet, cling to hope, for it is written; Through their journey, the tale begins, A circle unbroken, This truth only known when the last echoes of their deeds are done.

--Langar Stonewhisper

When shadows cast veiled vale, Where trees witness, clad in blood, The thrum of life shall wax and wane.

Tempest rise, obscured by shade Revealed and judged by hands, Lament and woe shall braid Unfurled upon a path dread.

The falcon's mirthless trill, Calls forth heart and steel, To slay the worm within.

Be wise: abjure sorrow, cleave joy, The lines of destiny unroll, ingress Into the depths of truth, where heroes Decipher fate's bewildering emptiness.

--Wilhem Verseheart

In the land draped in eternal twilight, A curse lies upon the forest, Where souls grow cold and stark.

There, amidst the trees spite, The shadows whisper of day's end. While those who labor blood-stained, Let not courage wane.

For into the fray, Blades shall clash in the hands of the unburied, As the puppeteer's strand becomes undone. In the end, the fallen shall be buried, With the banishment of darkness.

--Langar Stonewhisper

Beneath the canopy of shadows, Where whispers murmur truths, A serpent's coil of fog shall guide, Disguised as boon, manipulating fate.

From depths dare avert their gaze, Into the mist-clad heart of dreams, safe within these eldritch walls, The seekers tested by their despair.

As illusions stretch the bounds of reason, Their wills bend, their hearts turn, The labyrinth shall drop the veil.

When hope and trust Intermingle with doubts and fears, The adder shall strike once more, Yet the serpent's bite shall lose.

--Keatus Nightquill

In the house where shadows dance, bizarre and surreal. Faltering forms of truth, Names and faces blend and meld, Hold fast within that fog, Resolve shall rise and show the path, guiding memories fail.

Behind the wall, a door hidden, Fruition comes to those who seek, to bide and bend low, The shadowed hall echoes their steps, winding deep into the unknown, The prophecy unfolds, for those who can decipher the story.

--Frostwarden Rimewalker

Behold the abyss where lilacs perish in its maw, a chasm of depths shrouded in the veil of deceit and darkness. Where the sun doth cower, and hearts quake with despair.

Across the gap for night and day untold shall ye traverse, guided by the sorcerer's strings, resonant and haunting. Countless planks of bone beneath your steps, the dauntless pilgrim, pronouncements of a truth unveiled.

Rejoice for that curious key, grasped within the symphony of the sorcerer's tune shall unlock the city of spirits, azure temples floating in the wind,

--Walthar Leafblade

Upon the bridge of shadows, steadfast and true, A pathway to beyond, Beneath the weight of woes and memories, The echo of a thousand sighs.

Through portals woven where dunes of wonder. Those few shall greet the host, between the night and day, Who crowned with stars and crescent moon, the dance of silver.

Unlock the threads of years and set the captive free.

For all who bind their fate to wish, the price is high indeed, To shackle hope for a tread and only then be free.

--Wilhem Verseheart

When stars align and moon fades, On path may ye find yourself, Captive the walls, a fortress, shadows dance in the house of trickery. For to strike the heart of darkness, shall be their redemption.

With sword in hand, he charges, fearless, unwavering, For noble causes, he fights with zeal But in wit, he lacks appeal Through sand of mind he stumbles, sure, An ironic hero, heart so pure.

--Frostwarden Rimewalker

In lands where ink parchment stand, Where dreams of purpose wane with tedium,

When those of valor, find the door of wind, Into the village of forgotten gloom, And cross the threshold of the dark, where knowledge lies. through letters find the key,

Unlock secrets of the one who drowns in crimson, Fear not to bleed and balance scales.

--Langar Stonewhisper

In the shadows of twilight, a haven lingers. A sanctuary amongst the leaves and melancholy Harboring objects cursed, a paradox of peace.

As time fades softly, The answers shall emerge, woven through the tint, The events to unfold in the land once cherished for its embrace. Only then may the threads reveal the weave.

--Walthar Leafblade

When shadows unveil spires, And whispers reveal hidden paths, Only then shall the seekers find secrets, Where the specter holds council with vengeance.

Chained ancient wisdom waits, A pact of sanguine to tether fire to flesh, Unearthing the key to pierce might.

As trails converge Two unlikely allies before the iron throne, The flare of life entwined with the echo of death, Only by braving the blood and steel, Will the story of the timeless edge be truly known.

--Frostwarden Rimewalker

In a realm of the bizarre unbound, where the spirit of sanity wilt, A twisted path laid before them, and in curiosity, they were enthralled.

A land built on peculiar foundations, shimmering beneath an incongruous sun. The guide with a grin of mischief, Where riddles mysteries breathe the ground,

Paths formed weaving riddles to unfold, Waiting beyond the burrow. With cup and blade, they shall fight, tearing shadows.

For their destinies shall stir galaxies, Weaving a tapestry of chaos, To the unraveling of reality's seams, as if a dream in the winds.

--Walthar Leafblade

In lands unknown, where shadows dwell, The thorny path shall call.

To slay a beast, the bane of kin, Their blades shall seek the truth. With eyes turned inward, each must see, What once concealed, its tether torn.

--Wilhem Verseheart

When the land is scorched with darkness, A beacon shall rise clad in armor, With fervent desire for all that is good, Shall stand face to face with the unthinkable.

The righteous and valiant, shall meet upon the field, An clash of destinies With might, defeat, Tangled in battle, fate and its bloody feet.

Within the whisper, a reward, A sword of such power, making lesser men come undone, A blade so keen, its gleaming edge to rend the seams of reality.

--Walthar Leafblade

Of arcane fancy, one shall be, tempered by most uncanny tricks, Besieged by charms that bend the world's design, There he shall cradle chaos boldly within his grasp, Dire measures to surge unchecked and birth deluge.

The other, masked in cunning and a brazen grin, at the table of the jester, With whirling, crafted ruse the bread of bounty.

--Frostwarden Rimewalker

By the wayfarer, concealed in his cosmic guise, Guided through, dancers shall be led, Where craft and commerce weave their thread.

In this city, deep-rooted of stone, Relics of soft crumb An emblem of devotion.

--Walthar Leafblade

In the cradle of stone, where ancients hold power, A ruler of dawn shall call upon shadows. Seeking to vanquish the bane, The sun will set, as darkness comes.

For when dawn peeks over the horizon, The shadows thy cast silence.

--Langar Stonewhisper

When lights on valleys, and darkness wraps, Fear not to venture. For in the depths of vast despair, A secret lies with metal might.

Within the chambers, Look past the veil Unearth the suit, the sentinel, a testament to its master

And from the furnace clear the air, Let golem's strength meld with courage, as spoken in this prophecy, A union of old and new.

--Walthar Leafblade

In the dormant manor's abyss, The abysmal grip, deformed. And when the storm does quell, they vanquish foul life awry. Though haunting shades may linger yet.

--Keatus Nightquill

When the clockwork keeper of stone inherits, Seekers of victory shall face a secret on their flesh. Their triumphs eclipsed,

In the vast expanse of silence, The rivers and the grass will guide their path, Where twin bridges span the void, a choice remains unmade A tree grows in night, its branches a crucible of fate.

From the torment of wisdom, a sacred release shall liberate them, A covenant forged with that which lies beyond the yawning veil, A melded mind and memory, anguished yesteryear screams through the window,

Gathered in their hands, children shall break the chains, And breathe the air of the ever-changing horizon.

--Walthar Leafblade

When the walls of stone awaken, Their whispers shall dance, To heed their call or pass them, tread forth lest thy fate be undone.

In sustenance, where the cold keeps watch, A path shall part, March through the shade, where two worlds meet, Seek out the guardians of order.

The tapestry of destiny unfolds amidst hardship, may you find, That the answer, like the river, seeks the steepest flow.

--Frostwarden Rimewalker

In the fire of courage begin, A doorway unseen to lands lost, The brave cross a plain.

In the belly of a sanctuary grim, They unravel the secrets, Dark creatures, the unseen strives.

And when the sun dips, and the moon ascends, A great truth awaits, A bond unbroken, a story retold in these walls shall unfold.

--Langar Stonewhisper

When shadows fall and towers crumble, a path emerges. In this juncture of fates from humble beginnings, they venture far into the land of secrets and lies, To chase after whispers, escaping the dying skies. In the heart that hums with darkness,

A figure hides a tome, for both feast and famine, peace and war foretold, That bridge between chaos and harmony, their journey through the passages of destiny unfolds.

A reckoning shall dawn, the final battle shall be waged reluctantly. Heed the call of a destiny that spares none from its grasp.

Through riddles enrobed in truths, weave threads of fate, alter the course, For at the edges of a story's conclusion, only then, shall you know its source.

--Frostwarden Rimewalker

Hello mountain, remember me I return from a perilous place To the warmth of your hollow Steady giant, monolith, Lend me your heart I am weakened again, tired, Mend my scars Your roots take their hold My body as one with the earth, My blood as the stone. Heavy walls enclose me , Cover me in endless warmth And now the dreams will come, Lucid freedom takes me To a world no longer run by the laws of relativity

-- Bowstorm Skysinger

There at the heart of the gears, harm awaits those who persevere, Beware these companions in desolation. A soul divided, cleansed by embrace, Shall meld with the gears, transcending time and space.

Unto the floating realm shall spiral, In their journey, no refuge. Listen well to the whispers of the lost geometric man, For through his revelations shall salvation be won.

--Walthar Leafblade

And so, it shall begin, The clockwork children shall arise united, Devoted to vanquish the spawned Then dwell in dread, disastrous plight, valor bound, to sway desolation.

In midst of it all shall truth be clear, For seers spoke vividly, their visions tinged in fear, Yet mercy's hand may reach those, Should chaos and order finally shake hands.

--Keatus Nightquill

In the shadows of twilight, alliances will be forged, Formidable they shall stand, against the relentless gears, Warriors of the living and the dead alike, And only with the crimson touch, shall the tides of battle change.

Heed the unseen gaze from beyond the skies, The harbinger watches like wolves, their footfalls echoless upon the cosmic stage, a crack upon the glistening crystal, a shimmer of doom.

As the moons conspire, the celestial kings awaken, No secret kept, no shame unseen, Shall rapture the souls of the chosen, and the wheel turns anew.

--Langar Stonewhisper

In the yawning chasm of disarray, where whispers of creation undone do sway, In the Borderlands of chaos, where all that matters yet to naught.

From realms afar, their transgressions laid bare, Undaunted, they journey plains, gnarled landscapes, As the mantle of their deeds weighs heavy on hearts impure.

Yet in their path, they must discern chaos, And recompense for reckonings unheeded, lest judgment takes its toll.

--Walthar Leafblade

Through the chambers, relief embraced, verdict given. Seek out the voice of lies beyond, to grasp thine purpose.

An ancient tongue beholding fate, entwined with destiny, Heed the call of Fortune's whisper, find the way.

To force a bridge, cross the watery veil, where shadows dance, By blood and fire, the tapestry unfurls, and the weeping stone shall weep no more.

In balance or disarray, thy fate shall ever hang, Wither'd limbs, entangled roots, in search of mends undone. For when the night is quiet, and the storm is tamed, thy fate shall be revealed.

--Walthar Leafblade

In realms of twilight, Where broken shadows swim, Rise kindred souls on journeys, To reunite the storied crew.

Four shall bear witness to the fall, Of shattered skies and kingdoms, In lands of mist and moon.

Brightest light be hidden, By shadow dancer's ecstasy, From cages dreary, stone and steel, Lone whispers speak the truth.

As hope's wings take flight, The solace found in light, In whirls of chaos, The dragon's blood shall intertwine.

--Langar Stonewhisper

Whence on a waking dream, Their toils ended beneath mountains, Shall traverse cross the stone, Where beards are long and trade winds blow.

Within the city's walls, Frequent the realm's mortal calls, They'll stand as giants over kin, And gather round the thrones.

Hidden yet in hearts unseen, The reward, not as it means, A highborn mark they carry.

In twilight, the tapestry unspun, The shadows unmasked, the circle undone. Leaves, only whispers of their deeds, And the hymns of fortune, providence.

--Frostwarden Rimewalker

Upon the throne of stone and scone, the vaulted relics of a reign. A trove of mingled bane and boon, Awaits the hand of fate.

From haunts and storied lore, Assemble seekers seeking more. So shines the gem amidst the waste, And lights the path, by fortune traced.

To whispered secrets and power, For those most daring, those most bold.

--Frostwarden Rimewalker

So heed the tale of ages old, let the whirlwind of discovery propel you, In the end, as all shall stand revealed, those prophesied know truth in plight, By fire and light, in the untamed night, shall destiny's chorus ignite.

--Walthar Leafblade

In desert's heart, where serpent's tail meets its birth, A distant glint, born of human, Shall dance and writhe, unguided by the high.

To break the bonds of Earth, release the wisdom.

The arid sea, its dunes marked by strife, In procession, souls shall tread, Where secrets lie, beneath illusions reign, The greedy dust craves coin, revealing more than gold.

--Keatus Nightquill

In desolate lands of scorching sun, Where the forsaken dwell and secrets hide, The mightiest of spirit, clouded by hunger, beasts roam, Seek the answer to the plunder, In the heart of the wasteland.

By midday, the sands shall shift, The trail of a dying world, In truth and virtue, the veil they'll lift, And lay waste the miasma.

Thus when the twilight hours, Draw back the curtain, the curse abate, Leagues of sand bear witness to redemption, By the hand of the few who challenge fate.

--Wilhem Verseheart

In a sea of grains, a haven unknown, Where whispers foretell what shall abide. Not all is as it seems when the serpent's tail flicker, As they shall draw their blades. But with shades of gloom that bright light dims, Labyrinthine corridors, possessed of shadows, What hope might pierce the veil?

In the rapture of their findings, let them not lose sight, For freedom is louder than the wailing.

Let them face the endless, drawn and quartered by their quest, And hail the final doom, breaking chains.

--Wilhem Verseheart

Into the sea of sun-scalded sands, Drawn to the whisper-thin edge, The adventurers shall meet the one, who hides behind the lies that bind.

Where darkness pales, A keeper lurks, In baleful serpent's guise.

A Feast shall speak its words From within the once-forgotten page. And when the fire of truth scorches dry, The seekers shall bear the burden, No more the shadows embrace, for fate's chosen are destined to intertwine.

--Langar Stonewhisper

The shadowed kingdom veils the honest, Where whispers sing of the Yellow Royalty, In the cold embrace of time's cruel mastery.

Descend they shall into black chambers, Witness the monarch's weep, Bravely dare the heroes to creep.

Upon the knell of twisted age, Hampered by the puppeteer's bite, For trust in the essence of night, To birth a world purged and true.

--Frostwarden Rimewalker

From the anointed host shall rise, chains unshackled, the regal jackal unbound, The feast wherein the sands consume, To desolation no more be fated.

Yet know, when the last golden ray yields, To night's obsidian grasp, From the depths, a whispered rumor of perdition stirs, Elusive and foreboding, a serpent's venom hidden, A seed of doubt unfettered, lies sown in the realm ephemeral.

--Walthar Leafblade

In the land where sun meets dust, Brave wanderers shall follow sky. Over dunes of shifting velvet, , A roving storm, they shall approach.

A city cast in hues of fire, Towers spiral high like serpents' song, But do not be deceived, for danger lingers.

A seeker draped in cloak of night, Keeper of the map where secrets hide. To ocean's heart, the path winds clear, Lost fragments they find, ere shadows near.

--Langar Stonewhisper

Upon the waves of Neptune's crest, In tireless pursuit of fortune. To distant isles, With shadows lingering that doth gorge.

Children of the Colony, lost unseen, Vile, shall steal from amid the throng. The choice, now cast between what'd been, A forked road laid asunder long.

--Wilhem Verseheart

Though shadows may fall and waters run, The brave shall conquer the night. And by light, the souls return, With evils vanquished and spurned, Fulfillment, freedom, and truth brought to sight.

--Langar Stonewhisper

Upon the path less trodden, In search, bright with feral wit; Enthralled by serpentine masters guide, And point where first the scourge infested;

There, secrets buried deep, In hushed whispers, beckon to be sought. Once unveiled, the dust-strewn canvas, Shall recite a tale of gods with wings on high.

A beacon to the steep, the ancient pass, Where temple's crest embraces dance. Shall the sanctum stand, a monument of ascension; But change is sure to come when winged gods convene.

--Wilhem Verseheart

When heavens fall and giants roam, A sanctuary will meet the doom, And buried deep within the bowels, Lies a relic of an ancient race.

When found by darkness' call, The key to power will ignite, The cloaked figure’s plot grows tall, Their stones of might will play their part.

In deepest darkness shall they descend, To find the light and wisdom of the buried great, For their quest to break the shadow's end, The world must behoove these heroes of fate.

--Langar Stonewhisper

In the murk of shadows, Holy children, sun and moon, behold the crimson blade, embraced by embers of burning wrath.

Their fates, entangled in the shroud of serpent, the heart of a realm steeped in shadow, Guided by the cavern's whispered echoes,

Lay witness to their convergence, the children of secrets and flame, a hope doth shine, piercing the blackest night, united under forbidden twilight's womb.

--Walthar Leafblade

In the depths of writhing nemesis, lies a hidden pathway – a cure. Veiled from the piercing gazes of those aloft, Down where shadows blanket the earth, A golden thread twitches, Yearning to be pulled.

Yet, in this dark kingdom, Teeming with the lost and the weary who escape remembrance, The cure thrives; Slumbering within obscure silences, Untroubled by the frenzy of the days.

--Wilhem Verseheart

When crimson skies foretell, And spectral whispers haunt, The seekers bold, with courage, Shall delve into the shadow.

Within a maze of endless tomes, Where muted voices speak, Eternal truth entwined in gloom, Lies veiled, awaiting hands to seek.

With knowledge wielded like a sword, The tethered darkness, In twisting serpent's final roar, Submerged in silence, truth.

--Frostwarden Rimewalker

In the depths of age-old lore, Where learned scholars speak, There lie the secrets carved and bound, A power wrought by fire, Of armor wrought and ancient.

The shadows of forgotten wars, Shall stir when day does wane.

But from the fortress cast in ink, The chosen, brave and wise, With fortitude, shall wield the power.

In iron shells of legend pure, Clad against the night, From yonder wells of wisdom deep, Reclaim the path to peace.

--Keatus Nightquill

In the deep of the vale, Where shadows veil. For a thousand ages and more, it wept, As caged and hidden, in dreams it slept.

When last light fades over the veil, In twilight day two siblings heil, The hour of intent be nigh, To cage the shadow, or let it fly.

--Frostwarden Rimewalker

In the vale of fading hues, When armored giants, resolute in purpose, reunite with the seedling of power, the moon child comes to the fold.

All that shall unfold is known in hidden symbols, Only by revealing the elusive threads of wisdom, shall the final foe be felled, forevermore.

The giants, and the awakened one, driving forth the enduring twilight sky, as shadows flee, not all endings are so clear, For the cycle ever continues, a tale retold in whispers, seeds of the next journey sown in silence's bier.

--Frostwarden Rimewalker

When hidden stars align, And woeful whispers twilight air, Into the depths of madness past.

The Serpent's breath casts its shades, In concert with the Iron Warden's arm, No more a tempest gnashes at its doors; But freedom beckons forth.

Now hark, reprisal rise, What fragile truth from shadow's womb, We may not grasp until the tides reveal That which was woven, in the sighing dark.

--Wilhem Verseheart

In whispers of ancient lore, A tale of shattered fragments, And forever bound in the spiral of time, I tell the story that shall unfold.

A congregation of outcasts, bestowed with burden of sorrow's transformation, Through fettered gory oaths, Each sojourn, through smoke and fire, harnessing the power of resurrection.

--Wilhem Verseheart

Through hollow sanctuaries, where falcons once sung the songs of living breath, To birth the iron guardians, coveted icons, encoded within the scripture.

Bearers of hope amidst the tempest, like the tender buds that blossom anew, Bringing forth the eternal cycle, of decay and revival in lost light's end.

--Wilhem Verseheart

From the whispers of silence, Prophecy spun, In the shadow's embrace, A journey begun.

The circle, unbroken, Defies time's hand, As stories reborn, like shifting sand. As battles subside, and the twilight grows near, Seeds of the future, whispers appear.

New heroes arise, to heed the call, And into shadows, their fates shall fall. The tapestry woven, Of heroes and strife, A story unending, the circle of life.

--Frostwarden Rimewalker

In chambers of time, tales are retold, Of the brave and the daring, The seekers most bold.

For in the whispers of fate, Where shadows do roam, The next journey awaits, In a world yet unknown.

In the evening of twilight, The whispers are spun, An echo of story, A tale never done.

For in the shadows, Where silence sings, A new prophecy rises, Dreaming of wings.

--Frostwarden Rimewalker

United as one, their fates entwined, The lost will be found, dark confined, With a touch of fate, the stars align, The paths of four intertwine.

In the twilight, the secrets held, In stories yet unveiled, Bound by the threads of destiny, Their journey to reclaim forgotten legacy.

In the heart of a land unknown, A trial to test their courage shown, The warriors strength, hearts aflame, To face the darkness; win the game.

--Langar Stonewhisper

In the end, when all is said, The heroes' tale, forever read, Bound by fate, their stories told, The circle unbroken, souls set free.

The sun will rise, shadows fade, In a world reborn, a brighter day, Their story, a beacon, guiding light, For those who face the darkness in their fight.

Now heed these words, prophecy foretold, A tale of courage, a journey bold, For when the world is at its end, The brave will rise, darkness mend.

--Langar Stonewhisper

In the confluence of stars, their fates are woven, through trials and tribulations, the chosen of prophecy, seek the truth unspoken.

Tethered souls, bound by destiny, beseech the guidance of the divine, As they journey through realms, by fire, ice, and brine.

Borne aloft on wings of steel, their courage tested, their spirits revealed.

For in the heart of the storm, they shall face the wrath of gods, The maelstrom of celestial rage, a testament to their resilience.

--Walthar Leafblade

In the chasms of the void, the cycle of life and death unwinds, Upon the bridge of twilight, choices weighed, their fates shall be entwined.

In the twilight of their journey, as the sun and moon converge, The truth of the prophecy unravels, the final challenge to emerge.

Within the heart of darkness, a serpent's bite, venomous and cruel, To defy the grasp of eternity, they must cast aside the shadows' rule.

As twilight's veil recedes, and dawn's light floods the sky, The children of sun and moon, their destiny's path unspooled, fly high.

Together they have faced the darkness, the serpent's venomous embrace.

--Walthar Leafblade

In twilight's dance of shadow, light, A fellowship of souls unite, Upon a path, their destinies entwined, Marked by whispers of fate, divine.

Through lands of secrets, caverns crimson, Storms and serpents, malice hidden, Seekers brave, their courage wield, Unravel the veil, to powers revealed.

Guided by needle through maw and dark, Where serpents slumber and fallen spark, Bound by faith, ambition's fuel, They'll face despair, defy the cruel.

In woven tapestries, riddles sing, The balance of chaos and harmony swing, When judgment and valor lands forgotten, The seeds of fate in silence spoken.

--Jimoryn Faelan