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D'Jinn's existence is intricately tied to the Plane of Earth, where he holds dominion. His powers are deeply rooted in the manipulation of magical energies and the granting of wishes. However, the mechanisms behind these abilities remain shrouded in mystery, requiring further investigation to fully comprehend.

Research suggests that D'Jinn's control over magic is facilitated by a complex interplay of metaphysical forces. The exact nature of this interaction, however, remains elusive, necessitating further exploration and experimentation. It is worth noting that D'Jinn's magical powers are not limitless, as there are certain limitations and constraints that govern the extent of his abilities.

Furthermore, D'Jinn's role as a genie lord grants him a unique position within the hierarchy of power in Molderia. This position affords him certain privileges and responsibilities, including the authority to permit or deny entry into Djinn City, a magical metropolis located within the alternate Plane of Earth. The inner workings and infrastructure of Djinn City are subjects of scientific intrigue, as they represent a fascinating convergence of architectural design, cultural practices, and economic systems.

While D'Jinn's powers and influence are undoubtedly noteworthy, it is essential to approach interactions with this being with caution and respect. Djinn are known for their capricious and unpredictable nature, making it imperative to exercise prudence and understanding when engaging with them. Failure to do so may result in unintended consequences or even banishment from Djinn City.

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