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Djimm is an intriguing figure, a necromancer who was brought up by Fey and is acknowledged as an extraplanar entity. His abode is an imposing tower situated in the West, where he is often seen in his splendid purple velvet bathrobe, an ostentatious testament to his unique sense of style.

Serving the concept of evil, Djimm aligns himself with the sinister entities of the netherworld in a peculiar effort to uphold balance. With a deep reservoir of knowledge about magic and history, obtained during his years of rigorous study in the ancient Jorgenvault - a monolith shrouded in mystery and veiling secrets within its decayed ruins - Djimm's understanding of the world is profound and layered.

He fills the shoes of his predecessor as the realm's necromancer, having evaded the corruption typically associated with the magic of the tower. An uneasy truce exists between him, the tower, and the realm's inhabitants. They tolerate him because, unlike past necromancers, he inflicts far less property damage.

At a superficial glance, Djimm might seem to be nonchalant and carefree. However, underneath this relaxed facade, there lurks a complex individual, guided by a robust moral compass. Djimm's sarcasm and dry humor are his coping mechanisms against the constant darkness that envelopes him, with his mischievous streak finding joy in an occasional harmless prank.

Despite his proclivity for being late, Djimm has an uncanny knack for appearing just when he's needed the most, almost as if some mysterious force guides him. He is an empathetic soul, often puzzled by others' motives but always willing to lend a helping hand. At heart, he is good-natured. His alliance with the dark forces stems from a genuine wish to maintain balance in the world. Djimm comprehends the significance of his role as the realm's necromancer and takes his responsibilities seriously, regardless of his outwardly casual demeanor.

When circumstances demand, Djimm knows how to pull himself together and concentrate on the matter at hand. His unyielding dedication to his studies and pursuit of ancient wisdom has yielded him a deep understanding of the world's complexities. His innate goodness and unwavering commitment to preserving balance have grudgingly earned him the respect of the realm's denizens, who now recognize him as a force of good, despite his unorthodox alliances.

While Djimm usually comes across as light-hearted and amusing, he hides a fiery temper that flares when he feels wronged or tricked. This passion occasionally manifests in startling displays of dark magic, intended to assert his authority and elicit shock and awe. Yet his inherent goodness and strong sense of justice keep him from inflicting actual harm, even in these heated moments.

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