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Chapter 13: Beyond the Crow Flies

Before seeking an audience with the Vampire Queen, the party decided to resupply at the local shops. They purchased various supplies, ensuring they were well-prepared for the journey ahead. Among their purchases was a pound of allspice, a valuable ingredient known for its magical properties.

With their affairs in order, the party set out to seek an audience with the Vampire Queen. They traveled northward, following the directions given by the locals. As they journeyed, they stumbled upon the strange Crow City, its streets filled with cawing crows and eerie silence.

Curiosity piqued, the party explored the city, marveling at its unique architecture and mysterious atmosphere. They discovered the Djorgan Vault, the residence of the Vampire Queen. The vault stood tall and imposing, its darkened windows hinting at the secrets held within.

They were granted an audience with D'Aliz, the Vampire Queen, a regal figure with an air of wisdom and power. D'Aliz listened intently as the party explained their purpose and their quest to uncover the secrets of the Prophecies of the Narrative.

Impressed by their determination, D'Aliz tasked the party with checking up on her grandfather in the Jorgenvault, a nearby location shrouded in mystery. She emphasized the importance of family and the need to ensure her grandfather's well-being.

Impressed by the party's determination and their shared goals, Sir George agreed to help them. He offered to escort them to Grayfalcon Castle, a place rumored to hold the power of the coveted Vorpal Blade. They knew that negotiating with D'atta, the ruler of the castle, would not be an easy task.

They arrived at the castle, and headed into the basement, where they entered the portal in the third wine barrel to the left.