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Thalloren the Whispering Wind

Thal'loren, the Whispering Wind

Thal'loren, the Whispering Wind, is the divine embodiment of the intangible and unseen, revered by those seeking communion with the natural world, such as Elsira Ravenshadow and her eco-defenders of Darkmoon Vale. Thal'loren governs over the secrets carried on the wind and whispers untold stories to those with open hearts in the Whispering Garden. The deity speaks through the leaves and rose petals that adorn the Solarium of Whispers, offering cryptic insights to Kalinda the Bard. It was Thal'loren who aided Grendel the Greyscale in breaking the chains of servitude to Thuldrin Kreed, allowing his pursuit of freedom and justice.

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