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Chapter 19: Infiltrating Karstark Manor: or The Slaad Parasite

As the party arrived at the mysterious Karstark Manor, they were met with an air of unease. The grand estate stood before them, its imposing facade shrouded in darkness. They were informed by the guards that the Manor was under quarantine due to a health risk, and only authorized personnel were allowed inside.

Undeterred by the warning, the adventurers knew that they had to uncover the truth behind the quarantine. With their skills and determination, they devised a plan to infiltrate the Manor and investigate the source of the mysterious health risk.

Finally, inside a dimly lit chamber, the party discovered the source of the quarantine: the dreaded Slaad parasite. The infected hosts, their bodies twisted and contorted, writhed in agony as the parasite consumed them from within. The adventurers realized the severity of the situation and knew that they had to act swiftly to prevent further spread of the parasite.