Chapter 17: Dwarves Dig Holes

Skye, the skilled paladin, decided to join a guild, and accidentally ended up joining the Dwarven Thieves Guild. They showcased their expertise in stealth and cunning, impressing the guild members and proving their worth. Skye gained access to the Thieves Guild's resources and connections, as well as the coveted Dwarven Bread Seal.

Fen, the talented craftsman, joined the Dwarven Craftsmen's Guild. They demonstrated their mastery in craftsmanship, showcasing their skills to the guild members. Fen gained access to the Craftsmen's Guild's workshops, materials, and experts, as well as the Dwarven Bread Seal.

Nathan, the knowledgeable sorcerer, joined the Dwarven Explorers of the Sun Guild. They shared their expertise in exploration, adventure, and map-making with the guild, impressing the members with their knowledge. Nathan gained access to valuable information, exploration equipment, and the Dwarven Bread Seal.