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Zorandar the Unyielding Flame

Zorandar, the Unyielding Flame

Zorandar, the Unyielding Flame, is the fiery deity of rebellion, justice, and self-discovery, revered by Auron Firebrand and other brave souls that defy oppressive rulers such as Baron Lucious D'Nite. Their divine spark is the fuel that drives resistance movements like the one led by Valindak Ironthar across the realm. It is said that Zorandar's influence can be sensed in the powerful magic housed in the Crystal Caverns, awaiting the touch of those who share the deity's unyielding spirit. Mara Dawnseeker, despite her exile from the Dwarven Councils, carries the flame of Zorandar in her relentless pursuit of vengeance against DAliz and the undead hordes.

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