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The Land of Hide and Seek

Much like the frosty crown adorning a winter monarch, Angor rests atop Molderia's northern reaches, a formidable union of snow-clad mountains, glacial sheets, and an unending frozen sea. The Angorian landscape is a blend of chilling beauty and treacherous harshness, a testament to nature's compelling duality. It's the land of "hide and seek" where the caverns hide and the unprepared adventurers seek, usually their lost toes.

The Central Goth Mountains, imposing with their towering peaks perpetually wreathed in snow squalls, are the geographical heart of Angor. Yet these lofty heights are not for the ill-prepared. Icy caverns and hazardous chasms pose an omnipresent threat, hidden beneath blankets of deceptive, pristine snow.

Beyond these mountains, the land unravels into an extensive field of ice sheets, a spectacle so immense it appears to merge with the heavens themselves. A profound silence dominates these icy expanses, broken only by the faint whisper of the chilling wind and the resonant rumble of shifting glaciers. You'll never experience silence quite like this - it's the kind of silence that screams, "Brr, it's cold!" punctuated only by the occasional crunch of shifting glaciers and the hushed whispers of the wind gossiping about the last guy who forgot his thermal underwear.

At Angor's utmost northern border, the imposing North Sea meets the relentless ice. Here, the eternal struggle between sea and ice unfolds, yielding a mesmerizing display of tempestuous waves and crystalline frost. A journey to this northern frontier is not for the faint of heart, and the sight has been witnessed by only the bravest or most foolhardy of adventurers.


Despite the inhospitable climes, Angor is far from uninhabited. A rich tapestry of cultures thrives here, each more peculiar than the last. From mountaintop monasteries inhabited by philosopher-penguins to subterranean cities carved into glaciers, populated by luminous ice-fairies, Angor is a hotbed of eccentric societies.

Its denizens, much like the land they inhabit, are resilient and peculiar. It is common to find Yetis engaged in scholarly debates, wisecracking Snow Gnomes, or elusive Snow Elves, renowned for their ethereal ice sculptures. Angor is a place where 'peculiar' is the new 'normal' and where the only thing you can expect is the unexpected... and frostbite. Don't forget the frostbite.