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Nethrael Sorcerer

Nethrael Verdant Sorcerer

Basic Overview:
Hailing from ancient druidic traditions, Nethrael Verdant Sorcerers tap into the very essence of life, intertwining their souls with nature's rhythm. They are more than just spellcasters; they are guardians of memory, knowledge, and life force itself.

Primordial Essence:

  • Verdant Well: As the Nethrael sorcerer ascends in power, they accumulate an essence called Verdant Well. This reservoir of pure life force replenishes after being in tune with nature, usually requiring an 8-hour communion with the surroundings. This Life Force refreshes daily after approximately 8 hours of rest.

  • Intuitive Weaving: Embodying the unpredictable force of nature, Verdant Sorcerers don't weave spells in advance. They can evoke any spell instinctively, but drawing upon the same incantation repeatedly intensifies the strain on their Verdant Well. They can cast any spell repeatedly, but each subsequent casting of the same spell since their last restoration costs an additional Verdant Energy.

  • Harmonization: To replenish and harmonize their essence, sorcerers take a moment to bond with nature, letting the world around them refresh their Verdant Well.

  • Channeling Essence: Sorcerers evoke spells using their life essence. However, doing so carelessly can be taxing, like a river depleting its source.

Essence Management:

  • Sylvan Reservoir: Half of the sorcerer's Verdant Well forms the Sylvan Reservoir. Tapping into this reservoir feels like a gentle rain, nurturing and free of consequence.

  • Emerald Abyss: The other half, deeper and more mysterious, is the Emerald Abyss. Drawing from this abyss is to risk nature's wrath:

  • It demands a tribute in life experience (200XP per Spell Level).
  • The force of the abyss challenges the sorcerer's will (DC = 10 + number of times the Abyss has been tapped.). Succumbing to its intensity can drain and incapacitate the caster. He must succeed the Will save or he becomes fatigued. If already fatigued, the sorcerer becomes exhausted

Nature's Whispers:
Verdant Sorcerers can evoke the minor murmurs of the natural world without strain. However, they need a hint of essence in their Verdant Well to do so. Devoid of essence, nature's whispers grow silent. They can cast any known cantrip for free, but they must have 1 or more Verdant Energy.

Unique Affinities:

  • Inferno's Heart:
  • Tied to the elemental fury of nature, these sorcerers channel raw elemental energy.
  • This passionate force is their strength and limitation, excluding them from learning other elemental blasts.

  • When their essence or health dips dangerously low (Less than 5), they can release a burst of raw magical force as a last-resort defense, as a Free Reaction. The blast causes 2d4 points of Elemental/bludgeoning damage, bypassing DR.

  • Sorcerers can augment this blast by expending essence points, but doing so exacts a toll on their memories (2000 XP per added dice).

Emerald Crystals: These small, mystic green stones are sacred to the Nethrael. They serve as vessels, holding both essence and memories. Sorcerers use them to store their life force, safeguard ancient knowledge, or capture fleeting memories. Verdant sorcerers can store the life essence of any living foe defeated in combat, but it must be an honorable kill or they risk corrupting their essence.

Verdant Essence at Level 16:
- Total: 180
- Sylvan Reservoir: 90 - Emerald Abyss: 90