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Chapter 37: Journey to the Mage's Guild

The team journeys from Azlanti Ruins to the Mage's Guild via the High Elven City and a goblin stronghold in the Northlands.

They arrive at the Goblin Stronghold and are convinced to travel via Giant Trebuchet to reach the Northlands more quickly. Upon arriving in the Northlands, they take a mission with Villalobros and go to the forest in the north, where they end up meeting a group of goblins.

The next morning, they go to recover the goblin chieftain's missing explosives, which they find on the wreck of a ship to the north. Instead of finding a rival goblin clan, they find a single cannibal goblin who has killed all of them because they shot her dog. They leave her in peace.

Villalobros arrives and takes the package, wishing them a good day. The party then goes off to the High Elven City.