Thiccbottom's Oasis

Region: Western Deserts

Size: Hamlet

Population: Approximately 200

Government: Founder Authority

Alignment: Chaotic Good

Thiccbottom's Oasis, affectionately known as "Thiccbottom" by its residents, is a lively desert hamlet founded by the charismatic halfling entrepreneur, Whiffle Thiccbottom. What began as a single successful store in the middle of the desert grew into a thriving settlement, serving as a refreshing respite for weary travelers.

The hamlet is centered around a natural desert spring, with quaint adobe houses circling the water source. In this arid environment, the lush greenery surrounding the spring makes Thiccbottom's Oasis a sight for sore eyes.

Key Locations:

  1. Thiccbottom's Emporium: This sprawling bazaar was the first establishment in what would later become Thiccbottom's Oasis. The Emporium sells a plethora of goods, from common travel provisions to rare desert artifacts.

  2. The Oasis: The heart of the hamlet, this natural spring is a vibrant ecosystem hosting various desert flora and fauna. A large statue of Whiffle Thiccbottom stands by the spring, a testament to the hamlet's founder.

  3. The Cacti Kitchen: A bustling restaurant run by Whiffle's own cousin, Pudge Thiccbottom. It's known for its innovative cuisine, primarily using desert ingredients like cacti, desert fruits, and even scorpion stews.

Residents of Thiccbottom's Oasis are known for their resilience, tenacity, and hospitality. The harsh desert environment breeds hardy individuals who are always ready to lend a helping hand to visitors. The "Festival of the Searing Sun," a yearly celebration of survival and prosperity, features desert games, market discounts, and the famous "Cacti Cook-off."