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Chapter 30: The Infinite Library

After a long and arduous journey, the party arrived at a mysterious compound. The entrance loomed before them, its ancient stone archway beckoning them inside. Cautiously, they made their way through the entrance, their senses heightened and their weapons at the ready.

Inside the compound, the party split up to cover more ground. Skye ventured into the main hall, examining the intricate carvings and faded tapestries that adorned the walls. Nathan explored the library, carefully perusing the shelves filled with ancient tomes and scrolls. Fen, ever the stealthy rogue, scouted the surrounding area, searching for any hidden passages or secret compartments.

As they explored, the party uncovered various clues that hinted at the compound's connection to Hastur. Skye discovered a faded journal, its pages filled with cryptic symbols and references to powerful necromantic rituals. Nathan stumbled upon a hidden chamber, where he found a collection of spellbooks and scrolls, each containing dark and forbidden knowledge. Fen, with their keen eye for detail, discovered a secret compartment hidden behind a bookshelf, revealing a cache of magical artifacts and potions.

While investigating the compound, Fen discreetly sent a message to a merchant guild in Nathan's name, requesting information. The note was carefully worded to pique the guild's interest and potentially yield unexpected responses from various merchants. Fen hoped that this would provide them with additional leads and resources for their quest.

Just as the party was about to regroup and share their findings, they were suddenly visited by Jeepit, the Time God. The deity appeared before them in a shimmering storefront, his presence both awe-inspiring and humbling. Jeepit commended the party for their progress and bestowed upon them gifts that would aid them in their quest.

Skye received the Chrono Crystal, a mystical gem that granted them increased initiative. With this newfound ability, Skye could anticipate combat scenarios more effectively, giving them an edge in battle. Nathan was given the Bullseye Lantern of Temporal Viewing, an enchanted lantern that allowed them to view scenes from the past or future by focusing the beam of light. Fen received the Necklace of Temporal Recall (Scrying), an enchanted necklace that allowed them to recall specific events in time and view them as if they were happening before their eyes.