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The Asylum

Deep within the haunted depths of Darkmoon Vale lies the Asylum, a forsaken institute where long-abandoned magical experiments yielded horrifying results. The Asylum, now in ruins, is home to nightmarish creatures created by Cresith the Wildheart, as well as lingering spirits that haunt the forsaken halls. The presence of Elsira Ravenshadow's eco-defenders has increased in recent times as the asylum's terrors begin to encroach upon the Vale's peaceful inhabitants. It is believed that the asylum is still sought out by those desperate to harness the dark knowledge it once held, leaving many adventurers to wonder if the wards around the asylum are still intact.

TAGS:Asylum | Darkmoon Vale | Cresith Wildheart | magical experiments | abandoned | nightmarish creatures | Elsira Ravenshadow | eco-defenders | wards | dark knowledge