Region: Central Highlands

Size: Small Town

Population: Approximately 1,500

Government: Chieftain Rule

Alignment: Chaotic Neutral


Pridehold is a small town built around the ancient tomb of an infamous warrior known only as The Braggart. The Braggart was renowned for his overbearing pride and the belief that every task he accomplished, no matter how trivial, was the greatest achievement in history. He was a figure of paradox, the offspring of a celestial father and demon mother, which only served to compound his unique demeanor.

The architecture of Pridehold reflects a blend of celestial and infernal aesthetics, symbolizing The Braggart's lineage. Buildings made of dark obsidian are adorned with golden decorations and filled with radiant light, creating a stark contrast.

Key Locations:

  1. The Braggart's Rest: The grand tomb of The Braggart, standing in the heart of the town, is a monument to the warrior's colossal ego. Despite his boisterous personality, The Braggart's depression and struggle is symbolically represented in subtle architectural elements of his tomb.

  2. The Bragging Boar: The town's main tavern is named after The Braggart's favorite pastime - boasting - and his emblem, a boar. Here, in tribute to The Braggart, residents share exaggerated tales of their own mundane deeds.

  3. Heaven-Hell Forge: A unique blacksmith's shop run by descendants of The Braggart. The smiths craft weapons and armor that incorporate celestial and infernal motifs, reflecting the town's unique heritage.

Pridehold has a vibrant culture that mixes somber reflection with enthusiastic self-promotion. The townsfolk remember The Braggart's story as a cautionary tale about the dangers of hubris but also as a celebration of uniqueness and self-acceptance.

Each year, they hold the "Festival of Deeds," a boisterous event where each citizen competes to present their most mundane task as an extraordinary accomplishment, in the spirit of The Braggart.