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Chapter 29: The Foul Creature

The adventurers began their search for information about the Feast of Dust, a mysterious ailment that had plagued their paladin. They navigated the labyrinthine shelves, carefully selecting books and scrolls that held the promise of answers. They studied ancient texts, deciphered cryptic symbols, and consulted with spectral librarians who guarded the knowledge within.

As they delved deeper into the library's vast collection, the adventurers discovered an obsidian tome that seemed to radiate a dark energy. Intrigued by its unique characteristics, they cautiously opened its pages, unleashing a surge of supernatural energy. Spirits and energies connected to the tome emerged, sharing their wisdom and insights into the Feast of Dust.

The adventurers learned that the Feast of Dust was a curse inflicted by the Jackal King, a malevolent entity that ruled over the desert region.

Armed with this newfound knowledge, the adventurers left the Infinite Library and continued their trek through the unforgiving sands, ready to confront the Jackal King .