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Chapter 20: Confrontation and the Aftermath

The party engaged in a fierce battle with the Slaadspawn-infected Baron, their weapons and spells striking against the golem suit's impenetrable armor. Sori, with their nimble rogue skills, darted in and out of the fray, striking at vulnerable points. Turkus, the stalwart paladin, stood as a beacon of light, his divine powers radiating against the darkness. Kable, the sorcerer, unleashed powerful spells, engulfing the Baron in flames and lightning.

With their combined strength and strategy, the adventurers managed to weaken the Baron's defenses. Finally, Turkus delivered the killing blow, shattering the golem suit and freeing the Baron from the clutches of the Slaadspawn parasite.

As the dust settled, the party took a moment to catch their breath and assess the aftermath of the battle. They realized that their victory came at a cost - they had been infected by the Slaad parasite. Alfred, the loyal golem butler who had aided them on their journey, informed them that they had one week to find a cure before the parasite took full control.

The players, now burdened with the knowledge of their infection, ventured into the unknown in search of a cure. They knew that time was of the essence, and they couldn't afford to waste a single moment.