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Welcome to Molderia

Welcome to Molderia, a continent where the pursuit of wealth is the highest virtue and money reigns supreme. This land of contrasts and contradictions is steeped in ancient history, shaped by cosmic entities, and ruled by a powerful banking guild of goblins.

Molderia's story begins with two tribes, the Azlanti, an early human tribe, and the Nethrael, the Mithril Elves. Their lives were forever changed when a cosmic entity, bestowed upon them powerful Stones imbued with magic. The Azlanti, under the influence of these Stones, built a civilization of unprecedented splendor and wisdom. The Nethrael, on the other hand, were gifted with innate spellcasting abilities.

However, the Azlanti's misuse of the Stones' magic led to a cosmic retribution. A meteor teeming with a mysterious element called Deucenium was hurled towards Molderia. This event, known as the Deucenium Impact, dispersed the element across the land, suppressing the natural magic and replacing it with its own unique energies. This transformative event led to the rapid evolution of the Azlanti, Porto-Orcs, and Porto-Dwarves into their modern forms, and the disappearance of the Nethrael.

The Nethrael, despite their disappearance, left an indelible mark on Molderia. Their menhir circles, intricate understanding of magic, and ability to manipulate the ley lines that crisscross the world are testaments to their magical prowess. Their prophecies, preserved through various inscriptions and documents, continue to intrigue adventurers and knowledge seekers.

In the modern day, Molderia is run by a powerful banking guild, made up mostly of goblins. They control the economy and government of the land with an iron fist. Despite their small stature, the goblins have built a vast network of banks and financial institutions that span the entire continent, controlling the flow of money and resources.

The other races of Molderia, including humans, elves, orcs, and dwarves, participate in the economy under the watchful eye of the goblins. Despite the goblins' dominance, these races have found ways to thrive. Humans have become expert traders and merchants, elves and dwarves excel in specialized industries, and orcs have found their place as mercenaries.

However, the goblins' control has led to a great deal of inequality and suffering. While they enjoy lives of luxury and excess, many of the other races struggle to survive. This has led to rumblings of revolution and rebellion in some parts of the continent.

Molderia is a land of great wealth and power, but also of great inequality and suffering. It is a place where the pursuit of wealth is both celebrated and condemned, and where the power of money reigns supreme. Whether you're an adventurer seeking ancient mysteries, a merchant navigating the treacherous economy, or a rebel fighting for equality, Molderia offers a unique and challenging journey.