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Chapter 16: In Goth, Gold

As the party arrived in the grand Dwarven capital of Goth'ar'giglas, they were immediately struck by the magnificence of the city. Massive stone structures rose high into the sky, their intricate carvings and sturdy craftsmanship a testament to the dwarves' skill and dedication. The city was nestled inside the volcano of Dur, surrounded by a sinkhole that acted as a natural defense against potential invaders.

Guided by the enigmatic D'jimmm, the adventurers made their way through the bustling markets, their eyes wide with wonder at the stunning craftsmanship on display. They marveled at the intricate jewelry, finely crafted weapons, and ornate armor that adorned the stalls. The party took the opportunity to stock up on supplies, purchasing potions, scrolls, and other essential items for their upcoming adventures.

Sori, the stealthy member of the party, took on a mission to the northwest. The objective was to gather information and potentially infiltrate the baron's inner circle, gathering evidence that could expose his embezzlement.

Meanwhile, Skye sought out Chess instructions for the archmage, hoping to gain insight.

The party decided to hire Grag Gragerson William Smith, a skilled blacksmith, to forge new weapons and armor. Grag Gragerson William Smith was renowned for his craftsmanship and attention to detail, and the adventurers knew that his creations would serve them well in their future battles.