Nethrael Leyline Nexus

This ancient artifact is a large, intricately crafted archway made of mithral and adorned with glowing green Nethrael symbols. It is known as the Nethrael Leyline Nexus, a powerful tool that harnesses the energy of ley lines to transport its user across great distances.

Abilities: 1. Leyline Connection: When attuned to the Nethrael Leyline Nexus Teleporter, the user gains a heightened connection to the ley lines that crisscross the world. This connection grants them a sense of the ley lines' flow and allows them to tap into their energy.

  1. Teleportation: By expending a level or a Nethrael Stone, the user can activate the teleportation ability of the artifact. This ability allows them to instantly transport themselves to any location that is connected to a ley line. The user must have a clear mental image of the destination or be familiar with it. The range of this teleportation ability increases as the user spends more levels or Nethrael Stones.

  2. Leyline Nexus Amplification: As the user spends additional levels or Nethrael Stones, the Nethrael Leyline Nexus Teleporter's teleportation ability becomes more potent. The artifact can now transport the user to locations that are not directly connected to a ley line, but are within the influence of a powerful leyline nexus. This amplification expands the artifact's teleportation range and opens up new possibilities for exploration and travel.

  3. Leyline Surge: Once per day, the user can unleash a surge of leyline energy through the Nethrael Leyline Nexus Teleporter. This surge temporarily enhances the user's magical abilities, granting them a bonus to spellcasting or increasing the potency of their magical attacks for a limited duration.

Note: The Nethrael Leyline Nexus Teleporter requires attunement by a Nethrael or someone with a deep understanding of ley lines and Nethrael artifacts. Attempting to use the artifact without proper attunement may result in unpredictable and potentially dangerous effects.