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Chapter 10: A Djinn, A Part of a world apart

Their resilience led them to a cunningly hidden panel in the wall that concealed a long, winding tunnel. Curiosity piqued, the party decided to venture into the unknown, their footsteps echoing through the dimly lit passage.

As they made their way deeper into the tunnel, the air grew colder, and a sense of anticipation filled their hearts. The walls were adorned with ancient runes and symbols, hinting at the secrets that lay ahead. With each step, the party could feel the weight of history pressing down upon them.

After what felt like an eternity, they encountered a mythical being known as Sphynx, the guardian of the Infinite Library. Sphynx, with its majestic wings and piercing gaze, regarded the party with a mixture of curiosity and wisdom. It spoke in riddles and challenged them to prove their worthiness to access the library's vast knowledge.

Fen stepped forward to face the Sphynx. The creature posed a game of Dice, testing wit and intelligence. With a calm and focused mind, Fen won the game with a perfect roll, earning the respect of the Sphynx.

Impressed by Fen's display, the Sphynx granted the party access to one question from the Infinite Library.

They continued on, The tunnel seeming to stretch on endlessly, its walls adorned with ancient carvings and symbols that hinted at a forgotten history. They finally arrived at a immense bottomless cavern, with a bridge of bone and wood stretching across.