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Sleeper Beneath Waves

Sleeper Beneath Waves

Sleeper Beneath Waves is a cosmic entity of immense power and influence in the world of Molderia. Sleeper Beneath Waves is a deity of chaos and destruction, often associated with dreams, madness, and the sea. In Molderia, Sleeper Beneath Waves is known as the Bringer of Magic, Chthulu, and the Retributor.

Arrival in Molderia

Sleeper Beneath Waves's arrival in Molderia marked a significant turning point in the continent's history. Seeking a place to slumber in peace away from his brother, Hastur, Sleeper Beneath Waves chose Molderia as his resting place. His arrival brought forth the gift of Magic to the native tribes, the Azlanti and the Nethrael. This gift led to the rise of the Azlanti civilization and the deepening of the Nethrael's connection with nature.

The Deucenium Impact

Sleeper's wrath was felt when the Azlanti misused the magic imbued Stones. In an act of cosmic retribution, Sleeper hurled a meteor of Deucenium towards Molderia, an event known as the Deucenium Impact. The resulting dispersion of Deucenium across the land suppressed the natural magic and replaced it with unique energies, leading to the rapid evolution of the Azlanti, Porto-Orcs, and Porto-Dwarves, and the disappearance of the Nethrael.

The Sleeper Beneath the Waves

After the Deucenium Impact, Sleeper retreated beneath the waves, along with his city of R'lyeh. He has remained there in slumber for almost 4000 years, waiting for the time to rise again. His presence continues to influence the world of Molderia, with his dreams and madness seeping into the minds of the sensitive and the weak.

The Hastur Threat

In recent times, Sleeper's brother, Hastur, has located him and seeks to steal parts of Molderia to populate his own planet, Carcosa. Bound by a truce to not assault each other directly, Sleeper has chosen to fight Hastur indirectly by enlisting the help of Molderia's inhabitants. He has contacted the great Molderian Necromancer, Djimm, to gather a group of adventurers to stop Hastur's plans.

Influence on Molderia

Sleeper's influence on Molderia is undeniable. His arrival brought magic to the land, his wrath led to the evolution of its inhabitants, and his slumber continues to shape the dreams and madness of its people. Despite his chaotic nature, Sleeper has become a protector of sorts for Molderia, standing against Hastur's attempts to steal the land. His actions have shaped the history and future of Molderia, making him a key figure in the continent's lore and mythology.