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Twisted Spires of Colvarek

The Twisted Spires of Col'varek

In the plane controlled by Djinn lies a floating, chaotic city made of twisted, contorted spires known as Col'varek. Angular archways and misshapen buildings are part of an elaborate maze filled with otherworldly traps and dimensional anomalies, all providing entrance to the leyline nexus at its core. Weaving through the city are the remnants of the Nethrael, who sought refuge within the spires' walls after their fall, using the leyline nexus's power to stay hidden. Grendel the Greyscale was once said to have braved this nightmarish city to rescue a kidnapped companion, cementing his legend as an emissary of hope.

TAGS:floating city | chaotic architecture | twisted spires | Col'varek | Djinn plane | leyline nexus | Nethrael remnants | dimensional anomalies | traps | Grendel the Greyscale