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Chapter 7: Exploring the Darkmoon Wood

Later, the group found themselves in Falcon's Hollow, a remote, windswept village perched precariously on the outermost edge of Bork's vast mountainscape. Seeking a moment of respite from the harrowing mountain passes they had traversed, they eagerly sought solace in the warm embrace of the 'Sitting Duck', a humble tavern known for its strong ale and lively atmosphere.

As the summer waned into autumn, painting the Darkmoon Wood in shades of jaundiced yellow and bloody crimson, the villagers of Falcon's Hollow were reminded yet again of the fleeting nature of life in Darkmoon Vale. It was here, in this bleak and forlorn corner of the realm, that a somber saying took root: "Sorrow becomes joy, joy rots to misery, and so all things turn bloody in the end."

The next stretch of their journey would take them westward through the treacherous Darkmoon Forest, a cursed land teeming with menacing fey creatures and unspeakable horrors.

They accepted a contract to save a camp of loggers deep in the Darkmoon Woods.

They were escorted through the woods by the camp boss Thulden Kreed. When they arrived, they found naught but corpses and remains, but soon enough they corpes began to stir. Turkus traced the source of the magic to a wrecked wagon, and revealed a necromancer.

The battle was fierce, the air thick with the stench of decay and the sounds of clashing steel. Sori, Turkus, and Kable worked together, their skills and abilities complementing each other as they pushed back the forces of darkness.

As the necromancer's hold over the loggers weakened, the party managed to free the survivers from their cursed state. The loggers, grateful for their rescue, shared their stories of exploitation and mistreatment at the hands of Thuldrin Kreed, the ruler of Falcon's Hollow.