Classification: Humanoid Average Height: 5.5 - 6.5 feet Average Weight: 140 - 180 pounds Life Expectancy: 1000+ years

Language: Common, Azlanti

Alignment: Typically Lawful Neutral

Ability Score Increase: Intelligence +3, Dexterity +1

Speed: 30 feet

Size: Medium

Traits: Ioun Stone Affinity, Technomancy, Ancient Knowledge, Ageless

Preferred Classes: Artificer, Wizard, Sorcerer

The Azlanti, an ancient human tribe of Molderia, were once the pinnacle of civilization and magical prowess. Their society was built upon the foundations of wisdom, innovation, and the manipulation of Ioun Stones, which allowed them to store and harness magical spells in a unique and technologically advanced manner. Azlanti exhibit negligible senescence — a term used to describe species that do not biologically age. They do show signs of decreased functionality with age, such as slowed reproduction, and decreased fitness. Eventually most Azlanti do choose to pass on though, after their bodies become too frail to enjoy life.

Physically, Azlanti individuals stood between 5.5 to 6.5 feet tall, with a slender and graceful build. Their features were often described as ethereal, with porcelain-like skin and hair that ranged from silver to platinum blonde. Their eyes, a striking shade of violet or blue, seemed to shimmer with an otherworldly glow.

The Azlanti's mastery over magic was not achieved through direct manipulation, but rather through the use of Ioun Stones. This unique approach to magic gave rise to a society that blended the arcane with advanced technology, creating a form of magitech that was unparalleled in its sophistication.

The Azlanti's affinity for technomancy, the fusion of magic and technology, allowed them to develop advanced weaponry, transportation, and communication systems. They were pioneers in the field of enchantment, creating intricate devices that harnessed the power of the Ioun Stones to enhance their physical abilities, manipulate the elements, and even alter the fabric of reality.

Despite their advanced society, the Azlanti's downfall came from their own hubris. Their misuse of the Ioun Stones and their disregard for the cosmic entity's warnings led to their demise. The Deucenium Impact disrupted the balance of magic, rendering the Ioun Stones obsolete and leaving the Azlanti without their primary source of power.

Today, the Azlanti are a rare sight, their once-great civilization reduced to ruins and remnants. However, their legacy lives on in the form of ancient artifacts, hidden knowledge, and the occasional individual who discovers their Azlanti heritage. These individuals often possess a deep understanding of technomancy and a natural affinity for magic, making them formidable practitioners of the arcane arts.