Classification: Humanoid Average Height: 5 - 6 feet Average Weight: 150-200 pounds Life Expectancy: Unknown Language: Angorian, Nethraelic Alignment: Typically Neutral/Good Ability Score Increase: Wisdom +3, Constitution +1 Speed: 30 feet Size: Medium Darkvision: 60 feet Traits: Nature's Bond, Ice Manipulation, Frost Resistance Preferred Classes: Druid, Shaman, Ranger

The Angorians are a humanoid race that resides in the icy expanse of Northern Angor, where the frozen sea meets the snow-clad mountains. They have adapted to the harsh conditions of their environment, developing unique traits and abilities that allow them to thrive in this unforgiving land.

Physically average height ranges from 5 to 6 feet. They possess a lean and sturdy build, honed by the demands of their icy homeland. Their skin has a pale, almost translucent quality, reflecting the ethereal beauty of the frozen landscape. Their hair, often silver or white, cascades down in long, flowing locks, reminiscent of the frost-covered branches of the trees that dot their surroundings.

Angorians possess a deep connection with the natural world. They exhibit an innate understanding of the delicate balance of ecosystems and the intricate web of life. This connection grants them the ability to communicate with animals, manipulate the elements, and harness the power of ice. Through their Ice Manipulation, Angorians can shape and control ice, creating intricate ice sculptures or conjuring freezing blasts of energy.

Living in a land of perpetual cold, Angorians have developed a natural resistance to frost. Their bodies have adapted to withstand the freezing temperatures, allowing them to endure the biting cold without succumbing to its effects. This Frost Resistance trait grants them an increased tolerance to cold-based attacks and spells.

Angorians are known for their wisdom and introspection, and they possess a deep understanding of the natural world and its delicate balance, often seeking harmony and tranquility in their lives. Many Angorians choose to live in solitude, communing with nature and honing their magical abilities. Others form small communities, where they share their knowledge and protect their icy homeland from external threats.

They revere the natural world and strive to preserve its beauty and balance. Their ice sculptures, intricate and delicate, are a testament to their artistic prowess and their ability to manipulate the frozen element. These sculptures often depict scenes from nature, capturing the ethereal essence of their icy surroundings.