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Chapter 23: Act 1 - Abyss Facility Exploration

The players explored deeper into the ruins of the facility. They eventually came across a planar gate, and As the gravitational mechanisms whirred to life, a surge of energy enveloped the party, transporting them to the Modron facility Apex. They found themselves in a realm of order and precision, where Modrons of various shapes and sizes carried out their assigned tasks with unwavering efficiency.

Upon their arrival, a sentient Modron approached the heroes, its metallic voice resonating with authority. It informed them that their Slaadspawn Parasite Infection had been cured upon entering the Abyss Facility, a testament to the facility's mysterious powers.

The sentient Modron was surprised to hear slaadspawn had continued to cause chaos throughout the world. Driven by their sense of order, the Modrons dispatched an army to exterminate the slaad threat and restore balance to the realms.

Realizing the potential devastation that the Modron invasion could bring to the dwarven kingdom, the heroes made their way back hoping to find a way to avert disaster.

As the heroes arrived at the dwarven kingdom, they witnessed the relentless march of the advancing Modron army. The sight was both awe-inspiring and terrifying, as the mechanical beings moved with precision and purpose, leaving no room for error.

Feeling a sense of helplessness, the heroes sought guidance and assistance from Djimm the Necromancer.