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The Lady

The Lady

The Goddess of Luck is revered by all, not for her divine presence, but for the capricious hand she wields over the fates of mortals and gods alike. Rumors abound of her influence over the most crucial moments in history, tipping the scales in favor or against the ambitions of those daring enough to rely on her fickle nature.

Intrinsically tied to the very fabric of fate, The Lady's touch is as gentle as a single roll of dice, or as devastating as a cataclysm. Although she lacks both temples and worshippers, and legends say that although speaking her name reduces the chance of her favor, the hearts of mortals cannot resist whispering for her elusive attention.

Yet, for all her enigmatic power, The Lady has shown a particular affinity for the downtrodden and the desperate, those souls who fling themselves on the whims of fortune with no other recourse. Through a million silent prayers, the cast-down find solace in her embrace, even if The Lady's favor is as fleeting as the twilight sun.

The Lady remains a force to be reckoned with - elusive, contradictory, and utterly unpredictable. Whether she bestows her grace upon the brave or damns those who dare defy her, one thing is clear: to invoke the Goddess of Luck is to dabble in both the greatest of fortunes and the most terrible of misfortunes, and only those with the courage of conviction will navigate the treacherous currents of her chaotic favor.

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