Azlanti Ioun Stones

Azlanti Stones are iconic magical artifacts originating from the ancient Azlanti civilization. These Stones, renowned for their ability to enable and enhance spellcasting, played a pivotal role in the Azlanti's rise to prominence.

Azlanti Stones are small, polished gemstones imbued with potent magic. When activated, they hover and orbit around the user, creating an impressive spectacle of magic. Each Stone possesses a unique color and shape, with variations believed to indicate their specific powers and capacities.

The Azlanti Stones are not merely decorative; they are a powerful tool for spellcasters. They enable the use of old magic, a form of magic where specific 'words' or command phrases can be arranged to create versatile magical effects. The Stones serve as a catalyst for this system, allowing users to tap into the fundamental building blocks of magic.

Moreover, Azlanti Stones can also store spells. A spellcaster can infuse a Stone with a prepared spell, preserving it within the Stone until the user chooses to release it. This feature offers spellcasters a strategic way to prepare for battles and challenges, essentially allowing them to carry a reserve of spells outside their own mental capacity.

The Azlanti Stones were gifted to the early Azlanti humans by The Old Ones, the cosmic entities that guided their civilization. The Stones played a crucial role in the transformation of the Azlanti from primitive tribes to a civilization marked by advanced magic and technology.

Despite the fall of the Azlanti Empire following the Deucenium Impact, the Azlanti Stones didn't lose their significance. Although the Deucenium's presence enabled inherent spell-casting abilities in Molderia's inhabitants, the stones power has recently been rediscovered by a select research group of dwarves in Gothargiglas