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TerraFrost Citadel

The TerraFrost Citadel

In the far north, beyond the grasp of DAliz and her minions, lies the TerraFrost Citadel - a stronghold of frost and earth magic inhabited by those who seek freedom beyond the reach of the underworld's influence. Within its icy walls, powerful artifacts from the Crypt of Embers and a long-lost Ancient God form an arcane arsenal capable of counteracting the sinister forces of the Underworld. Yet, the TerraFrost Citadel is beset by dangers of its own, as it draws the hungry eyes of entities lurking in the depths of the frozen wastelands.

TAGS:TerraFrost Citadel | D'Aliz | Underworld | frost magic | earth magic | Crypt of Embers | Ancient God | arcane arsenal | frozen wastelands | sinister forces