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D’ bz

D'Bz is a unique individual in Molderia, being a half-orc and half-giant who was raised by the Northern Elves. He possesses exceptional physical strength and an impressive stature due to his giant heritage. D'Bz stands out not only for his physical attributes, but also for his pure and innocent heart. He lacks the capacity for malice and has a strong moral compass.

D'Bz's upbringing among the Northern Elves has instilled in him a deep respect for nature and a strong connection to the natural world. He has a keen understanding of the delicate balance that exists within ecosystems and strives to protect and preserve the environment.

Despite his intimidating appearance, D'Bz is known for his gentle demeanor and unwavering conviction in doing what is right. He has a strong sense of justice and is often seen as a beacon of righteousness among the Council of Seven.

D'Bz's physical strength, combined with his moral fortitude, make him a formidable ally and an influential figure within the council. His presence ensures that discussions and negotiations are grounded in fairness and compassion.

TAGS: half-orc | half-giant | Northern Elves | pure of heart | physically strong | difficulty understanding violence | no limits on physical mass | trained for 700 years | council member | voice of reason