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Chapter 21: To the Modron

Once again, the heroes found themselves on a journey towards the intriguing dwarven city. This time, however, their path was upset by a cryptic message from D'jimm, the mysterious ally who informed them that their most straightforward solution was to seek out the modrons. To commence this quest, they would need to step through a hitherto undiscovered portal within the depths of Karstark Manor, found in the surprisingly useful location of the food pantry. Hidden behind the chilled goods, the portal connected to an alternate plane of existence, where an abandoned modron facility lay several days' march away.

These courageous adventurers embarked on this new venture, crossing the threshold into the unknown. They braved the barren, untamed lands until they reached the haunting and forsaken facility. Once inside, they spent days meticulously exploring its depths, unwittingly releasing an array of bizarre and terrifying creatures that scuttled and skulked through the network of pipes that lined the walls. With each step, they triggered an array of security systems, but their determination held strong as they persevered.

As they delved deeper into the facility, the party encountered various challenges and foes. They skillfully evaded traps and engaged in combat with the unleashed creatures, their skills and teamwork proving invaluable. The heroes pressed on, their resolve unyielding as they sought to locate the modron that could help cure their Slaadspawn Parasite Infection.

Finally, after navigating through a labyrinth of corridors and chambers, the adventurers stumbled upon the hydro transport system. In their attempt to understand its purpose, they accidentally activated it, triggering a series of water-based hazards. With quick reflexes and careful maneuvering, they managed to avoid the traps and deactivate the system, allowing them to continue their search.