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Chapter 38: Underwater City of Rylath

Upon arriving at the High Elven Capital, they board a boat to the Mage's Guild. The voyage is uneventful and they arrive at the Guild.

When they arrive at the Guild, the mages notice that they have Haster's Yellow King book, which they question the players thoroughly on and then confiscate the book. However, they tell them that they have someone for them to meet.

They are placed on a submarine and sent far into the depths of the ocean beneath the Mage's Guild. They then enter the hidden underwater city of Rylath.

In Rylath, they meet the elder being Cthulhu, who informs them that its brother Haster has woken him up from his slumber far too many times and must be stopped. Cthulhu then sends the players to the city of Carcosa, Haster's realm.

A desert fight with two giants leads them to a bar where they meet another team sent by Djimm the Necromancer with a similar mission.