Miare is a realm within the Nexus of Narratives, a unique page that represents a distinct reality. It is a world filled with diverse cultures, rich history, and deep connections to the divine. Miare is divided into three main regions: Miare, Anehashi, and the Wild Garden.

Miare, the central region, is the heart of the world. Here, the gods exist in a plane adjacent to mortals, and magic is practiced through sacred dialogue with the gods. Miare is known for its tradition, structure, and religious institutions dedicated to various gods.

To the east lies Anehashi, a technologically advanced region governed by the Anehashi Alliance. Gods walk among mortals in Anehashi, and magic is self-driven, drawing energy from one's own strengths. Anehashi is a place of innovation, where science and magic intersect.

In the west lies the Wild Garden, where gods embody the spirits of the world. Magic in the Wild Garden is about unity and harmony, requiring practitioners to offer their own magic to the spirits. It is a place of deep respect for nature and the cycles of life.

All three regions draw upon the Prime Essence, the life force that ties all beings and magic together. Miare is a world of duality and balance, where beauty and decay, wisdom and folly, and love and hatred coexist. It is a world that values both the natural and supernatural, and where the arts flourish alongside science and logic.