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A Timeline

110 BD

Walthar Leafblade, a humble wizard, is chosen by the ancient being Cthulhu to shape the narrative that will lead to the downfall of Hastur. Cthulhu grants Walthar the power of prophecy and a quill imbued with his essence. Walthar dedicates his life to unraveling the mysteries of the universe and crafting a narrative that will bring about Hastur's demise.

Meanwhile, Nyarlathotep, the Crawling Chaos, tasks his loyal servant Zerim with gathering the faithful and establishing the Office as a force to counter Hastur's plans. Zerim vows to create a network of power and influence, using the Office to crush all who oppose them and enforce strict regulations and oppressive laws.

0 AD

The Nethrael High Priest, driven by ambition and a desire for power, presents a crystal staff to the Nethrael Council, claiming it can tap into the heart of the ley lines and grant unimaginable power.

1 AD

The Council of Seven began their work, deliberating on matters of trade, diplomacy, and the preservation of the natural world. They sought to restore the balance of Darkmoon Vale, to honor the memory of the Nethrael, and to prevent the abuse of magic that had led to their downfall.

(2440 years ago = 29 AD)

Valerian's network within the council worked tirelessly to gather information, infiltrate the ranks of the goblin banking guild, and undermine their operations. They discovered the guild's corrupt practices, their exploitation of the common folk, and their manipulation of the economy for their own gain.

Under Valerian's leadership, the council embarked on a series of reforms. They implemented regulations to prevent the concentration of wealth and power, established a fair taxation system, and invested in infrastructure and public services. They also worked to foster a culture of transparency and accountability, ensuring that the mistakes of the past would not be repeated.

(2450 years ago = 39 AD)

The first Deucienium gems are rediscovered in an ancient temple by a group of explorers led by Professor Arden. Their actions draw the attention of entities including Hastur.

(502 years ago = 1987 AD)

The Council of Seven implemented policies and raised Queen D'aliz to its head.

However, not all was perfect in Molderia. There were still pockets of resistance, those who clung to the old ways and resented the changes brought about by the Council of Seven. Some goblin tribes, in particular, struggled to adapt to the new order and continued to engage in illegal activities.

(252 years ago = 2237 AD)

The Necromancer Djimm finds himself visited by the ancient being Cthulhu, who warns him of the imminent arrival of Hastur. Djimm, recognizing the gravity of the situation, pledges his allegiance to Cthulhu and vows to use his powers to fight against the encroaching chaos.

Meanwhile, in the Office, Zerim, a loyal servant of Nyarlathotep, oversees the oppressive rule of the Office, enforcing laws and regulations that crush any opposition. Nyarlathotep appears before Zerim, expressing satisfaction with the Office's control and domination.

Zerim bowed before Nyarlathotep, his loyalty unwavering. "As you command, Master," he said, his voice filled with reverence. With a flick of his wrist, Zerim disappeared, leaving Nyarlathotep alone in the chamber.

(102 years ago = 2387 AD)

Resistance groups formed in secret, fighting against the tyranny of the Office. They operated in the shadows, plotting and strategizing to overthrow Zerim and his regime. But the Office's reach was vast, and their spies were everywhere, making it difficult for the resistance to gain any significant ground.

But amidst the chaos, whispers of a prophecy began to circulate. It spoke of a chosen one, a savior who would rise up against the Office and bring about its downfall. The resistance clung to this hope, believing that their salvation was near.

Meanwhile, Nyarlathotep continued to manipulate events from the shadows. His influence grew, spreading like a dark plague, infecting the minds of those in power. His ultimate goal was to plunge the world into eternal chaos, using the Office as his instrument of destruction.

Meanwhile, in the void, Hastur awakens Cthulhu from his slumber and seeks Cthulhu's acquiescence in their plan to destroy the world, but Cthulhu reveals his fondness for the realm and his intention to cultivate it. Cthulhu dismisses Hastur, warning him not to disturb his slumber again. Hastur is left alone, contemplating his next move.

(3 years ago = 2486 AD)

  • Cthulhu has awakened and seeks the help of Djimm to assemble a group of adventurers to stop Hastur.
  • Queen D'aliz, Valerian's granddaughter, leads the Council of Seven. They face a new threat from an ancient evil and gather their forces to confront it.
  • Zerim, a servant of Nyarlathotep, continues his oppressive rule in the Office, enforcing laws and regulations to subjugate those who oppose them.

(2 years ago = 2487 AD)

Djimm Meets with Chthulu again, regretting the loss of the first 6 Adventure Teams.

(1 MONTH AGO = 2489 AD)

The Current team enters Carcosa